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From Brian Cates on Telegram:

Before this week, if someone had told you “A federal grand jury was seated back in 2017 to investigate RussiaGate and the criminal leaking of classified material that was done to promote that collusion delusion, and the 70+ people being targeted by surveillance subpoenas by that grand jury included members of the Gang of Eight, and this spying only ended in May of 2021!” ? What would you have said?

“It would have leaked, so impossible?”  [BUZZER!]

“They would have announced they were targeting members of Congress. They would have told us.”  [BUZZER!]

“Sessions was a coward, Rosenstein was Deep State, and Barr was a turncoat, so who cares?”  [BUZZER!]

Here’s what I would have said:  “That makes perfect sense to me because I knew back in 2017 that a counterintelligence unit had specially created to catch the SpyGate leakers because both Jeff Sessions and Rosenstein had announced it.”

The Great Leak Hunt

News Analysis While there were many important issues facing the incoming Trump administration in January 2017, the most …

Again: if you’ve never read the very first column I ever wrote for The Epoch Times, take a just a minute and do that now, please. 

This was published on July 29 of 2018. In this first column, I discuss a lot of what I was saying back in 2017.


Once you finish that column, read the very second column I wrote for Epoch.  Almost everything you think you know about Rod Rosenstein is wrong.  Imagine that.

This was published on Aug. 1 of 2018. By that time, the federal grand jury nobody knew about had been all up in the phone calls, emails and text messages of some of the most powerful people in the US government for over six months.


Let me show you something else 99% of the Conservative media either never spotted, or instantly rejected when the idea was stated to them:  We found out in October of 20202 that John Durham had been tasked to investigate the SpyGate leaking in April of 2017.  That is not conjecture.  That is not me speculating. MY SOURCES FOR THIS CLAIM ARE THE UNREDACTED TEXT MESSAGES OF PETER STRZOK AND LISA PAGE.  Please read them carefully and notice the dates.

In April of 2017, as the new Trump administration was still settling in, Strzok and Page were hoping that the investigation of all the RussiaGate leaking federal officials had been doing of classified info would be handed off to the FBI’s internal National Security Division [NSD].  Strzok delivers the “bad news” he had just learned to Page in a text message dated April 12, 2017: “The bad news re matter we talked about yesterday; zt said they were told on Friday that the case will go to John Durham not NSD.”

In a follow up text message dated May 17, 2017, Strzok informs Lisa Page that he’s trying to put off his scheduled interview with John Durham.  “Should I keep my interview with John D?” followed by “I’m going to continue to postpone my interview with Durham.”

Here’s why 99% of Conservative media already captive to set-in-stone narratives instantly ignored or dismissed these text messages when Durham’s name was finally unredacted in October of 2020.  What do these text messages imply?

It means somebody appointed Durham to start investigating SpyGate leaking in April of 2017, at a time when most of the Conservative news media was locked in to a narrative that nothing was happening, there was no investigation of who leaked the Flynn phone calls. Durham already on the job and scheduling interviews with key Russia Hoax players by May of 2017 also brings up another difficult question: who appointed him?

Now, since newly appointed AG Jeff Sessions had recused himself starting on March 2, 2017, from all RussiaGate/Trump campaign related investigations, it had to be someone else. 


Sessions recused himself for TWO reasons: 1) he was a member of the Trump campaign from 2015-2016 and was also a member of the Trump transition team from Nov 2016 to January 2017.  The second reason AND PAY ATTENTION HERE!!!! 2) he was a target of illegal surveillance by the Obama intelligence and law enforcement agencies who were spying on him and intercepting his phone calls, text messages and emails along with other members of the Trump transition team.  That gathered electronic data was taken, unmasked, assembled in written reports, and circulated within the highest levels of the Obama administration during the transition period.  Therefore, Sessions could not be in charge of investigations of people who had personally targeted and spied on him.  The law demanded he recuse himself. So he did.

Literally NOBODY in the news media, Left or Right, seems to understand – or perhaps has been told NOT to understand – that Devin Nunes actually SAID in that March 2017 press conference when he blew the whistle on Trump transition team members having their electronic communications intercepted, unmasked, collected and circulated at the highest levels of the Obama administration.  HE LITERALLY SAYS THIS and as we all know, it instantly led to his being investigated as Schiff & others tried to get him tossed off the House Intelligence Committee. 

Anybody else remember blabbermouth Evelyn Farkas, who babbled this out and then spent MONTHS trying to take it back, claiming people were misrepresenting what she said? 

Devin Nunes came right out and said multiple members of the TRUMP TRANSITION TEAM were having their electronic comms intercepted, unmasked, collected, placed in written reports and circulated among the highest levels of the Obama administration during the transition.  Note how immeidately goddamned UNCURIOUS everybody in the news media suddenly became over trying to discover who these multiple members of the Trump transition team were who’d been spied on? WE STILL DON’T KNOW WHO THEY ARE and it’s five freaking years later.

Of course, let me point out that DONALD TRUMP HIMSELF is a member of his own transition team. All these people, Pence, Flynn, Rudy, Don Jr., Ivanka, Jared, Jeff Sessions, Devin Nunes, they are all reporting to him.

Let me point out something ELSE Devin Nunes said in that March 2017 press conference. Something he stressed SEVERAL TIMES.  And nobody except for me seems to remember it.  He was shown several of these reports that had been circulating at the highest levels of the Obama administration during the transition, reports that contained these intercepted, unmasked and transcribed electronic comms of the Trump transition team members. And he states multiple times to the media that NONE of the intercepted and unmasked phone calls, text messages or emails he saw in these reports showed Trump transition officials discussing ANYTHING, A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G to do with foreign policy or Russia. It was all domestic policy moves and appointment talk.

Devin Nunes was immediately forced to step down from the HPSCI and undergo an investigation while a ton of chaff was blown everywhere to ensure EVERYONE MISSED WHAT HE REALLY SAID at press conference.

The chairman of the House Select Panel Committee on Intelligence [HSPCI] had just told the news media on camera that the incoming administration had been spied on by the outgoing administration.

What was the instant excuse that was blown like chaff everywhere to muddy up what Nunes had revealed?  “It was only incidentally collected electronic communications**. So there’s nothing to see here.  Everybody can stop paying attention now.”

Here’s what people missed:  incidental collections of electronic comms is intelligence gathering by intelligence agencies.  That stuff is not for political use.  In fact there are strict protocols in place to make sure incidentally collected comms are not used for partisan political purposes.  Nunes was revealing there was a massive breakdown of the safeguards that prevents intelligence agencies being suborned to play watchdogs for a particular political party or administration in power so it can spy on it’s political opponents.

Go back and look again: every single ONE of those reports containing incidentally collected electronic comms of Trump transition officials that was handed off to Obama officials so they could circulate them around and see what the Trump transition team was up to in it’s domestic policy discussions and the appointments it was planning to make is a LEAK OF CLASSIFIED INFORMATION.

Now…you may think I went off on an irrelevant tangent here. I was going to tell you who appointed John Durham to begin investigating all the LEAKS OF CLASSIFIED INFORMATION involved in the RussiaGate Hoax. But first I had to show you something ELSE Durham is investigating.

Because these reports made up of intercepted & unmasked comms of Trump transition officials that were circulating at the highest levels of the Obama administration during the transition are LEAKS OF CLASSIFIED MATERIAL.

And those leaks were used to drive the RussiaGate Hoax, were they not?  Well of course they were.

So, as I was saying, Jeff Sessions had to recuse himself from having any oversight or command authority over investigations of people who illegally spied him and leaked his electronic comms to the Obama administration.  That means somebody else appointed crack prosecutor John Durham to begin investigating these leaks of classified material in April of 2017.  And there are only 2 real candidates.

After Sessions recusal, and before Rod Rosenstein could could be sworn in as Deputy AG on April 26 of 2017, it was Dana Boente who was handling RussiaGate related matters.  So there’s your two candidates.

Boente is in the picture for about 25 days before he exits stage left. And then RR embarks on a very public career where he’s at the center of a constant firestorm as he managing several things at once – some things we knew about and some things we only found out about recently.

As we all know, RR is present at the creation of the Mueller Special Counsel, right after he played a key role in getting James Comey fired as FBI Director.  Comey pulled his memo stunt, gets himself before Congress and loudly whines that a Special Counsel should be appointed to investigate Trump’s Russia collusion allegations.  The public story is that RR and Mueller and Sessions all sandbagged Trump, who angrily demanded to know how Mueller got appointed SC when he’d just been in Trump’s office the other day interviewing for the vacant FBI job.

However, what do we now know?  Mueller’s appointment as SC came on May 17, 2017.  Somebody had already appointed Durham to begin going after the leakers sometime in April, the month before.

So the entire time the news media – Lefty and Righty – were obsessed with Bob Mueller and his team’s every move – and leak! – another investigation had already started that nobody knew about.

That leak investigation, running silent, running deep, progressed parallel to the Mueller SC for more than 22 months.  Nothing ever leaked about it. It wasn’t until Mueller and his team of bloodthirsty Democrat bloodhounds finally gave up the ghost and ended in March of 2019 that suddenly then-AG William Barr introduced everybody to…John Durham.

In May of 2019 people are told that John Durham is “beginning” his investigation of RussiaGate.  That was disinformation. Durham had already been investigating the SpyGate leaks for more than 2 years at that point.


William Barr appoints U.S. attorney to investigate Russia probe origins

Attorney General William P. Barr has tapped the U.S. attorney in Connecticut to examine the origins of the Russian election-interference probe, according to reports late Monday.

Other US Attorneys are mentioned as also being involved in investigating various aspects of RussiaGate. The impression is deliberately created that none of these US Attorneys are working together or sharing their info with each other.  It is assumed each is running their own standalone investigation.

Jeffrey Jensen was tapped to go into the DC US Attorney’s Office and into FBI HQ and dig. We only saw what he found in relation to the Flynn case. Whatever else he found?  We haven’t seen it.  Huber was digging into the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton campaign in 2015-2016. Bash was tasked with investigating the interception of Trump transition official’s electronic comms, their unmasking, & the reports created from that.  You’ve been told Huber & Bash ended up finding “nothing”.  In fact, we know Huber made the hand off of what he found to Durham, and likely so did Bash. They just you know, didn’t announce it at the time.

[CLARIFICATION] The Mueller Special Counsel worked out of the DC US Attorney’s Office.  That’s why US Attorney Jensen went there to search.  He found the documents that blew the Flynn case up and I suspect he found more that we haven’t seen yet. 


I suspect another big piece of disinformation that isn’t really a bold faced lie, the DOJ has just never announced it:  Durham was functioning as a Special Counsel long before Barr officially designated him one on his way out the door.


It was right after the Mueller Special Counsel ended and Rod J. Rosenstein was getting ready to depart the DOJ that William Barr introduced the world to the guy who supposedly just now beginning to wrap his big hands around SpyGate.  That was in July of 2019.  So here’s where I’ve been going with this history lesson as I’m showing you what the timeline was.

The entire time Mueller and his merry crewe were frantically digging for 22 months looking for something, ANYTHING to charge Trump with for an impeachment, Durham was running silent, running deep. And so was a federal grand jury that I suspect John Durham seated.

I was speculating with a theory along with Thomas Wictor on Twitter back in 2017/2018 that the Mueller Special Counsel was being set up to be investigated itself for the shenanigans they were obviously engaged in against Gen. Flynn and others.  We were told we were lunatics for thinking that.

And lo and behold, on his way out the door William Barr reveals that he had just expanded the scope of the Durham Special Counsel to include investigating the Mueller Special Counsel.  I am not making that up. That’s not conjecture. Barr explicitly stated this to the news media.  And guess what? RCI investigative reporter Paul Sperry saw this coming in February of 2020. 



 Hey…Hey guys…how’s THAT for a plot twist?

Barr sent this letter to the US Congress:  “In a scope order, obtained by Fox News, Barr stated that Durham as special counsel “is authorized to investigate whether any federal official, employee, or any other person or entity violated the law in connection with the intelligence, counter-intelligence, or law-enforcement activities directed at the 2016 presidential campaigns, individuals associated with those campaigns, and individuals associated with the administration of President Donald J. Trump, including but not limited to Crossfire Hurricane and the investigation of Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller, III.”

So as you can see, that’s not a wild hairy-assed conspiracy theory on my part, that the present Durham Special Counsel is investigating the previous Special Counsel under ol’ Bob Mueller. Barr directly told Congress this was happening.

As you all know, thanks to the work of US Attorney Jeffrey Jensen, who I suspect was working under an already de facto Special Counsel Durham back in February of 2020, exculpatory documents were found that the Mueller Spec. Councils Office [SCO] had been deliberately hiding from the US federal court and from the Gen. Michael Flynn defense team.  These documents demonstrated that the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation of Flynn and their subsequent case against him for perjury were political motivated and based on fake evidence.  The Mueller SCO prosecutors were aware of this. And they therefore joined into a criminal conspiracy with the FBI people involved. They knew Flynn hadn’t committed any crime, but moved to prosecute him anyway.  This is just one of the things John Durham is investigating the Mueller Special Counsel for having done.

Now, why is nobody else telling you this? All this information is publicly available.  Well remember what I said before about Conservative media outlets locking themselves to set-in-stone narratives?  That’s what causes this.  They became emotionally and in some cases financially invested in narratives they spent years publishing.   It’s actually extremely difficult for them to go back and reexamine stuff when new evidence emerges because the new evidence doesn’t ‘fit’ what they’ve been telling themselves, sometimes for going on 4 years now.

Now let me show you where I’ve been going all along with this.  I suspect it’s John Durham who seated that super-duper-extra-secret federal grand jury that’s been all up in the phone & email & text message data of 70+ people that includes members of the Gang of Eight.

For going on 4 years, you were insistently told nothing was happening and that Schiff and all the other leakers in Congress who were all knew were doing that leaking were “getting away with it” because nobody was investigating them.  Sessions is a coward, remember?  RR is a snake.  Barr is a turncoat.  You’ve had this hammered into your heads by people pushing narratives based on their surface impressions.

And the entire time media talking heads were claiming nothing was happening, this federal grand jury was hard at work. And guess what? I’m pretty sure issuing a federal spy subpoena for the Apple data of these 70+ suspected leakers was not this grand jury’s first order of business once it was seated.  The Apple subpoena was received by the company on Feb. 6, 2018. It’s very likely that grand jury was first seated in 2017. They likely had to do some investigating and find some other evidence before they got around to issuing subpoenas targeting very highly placed government officials, some of whom are at the top of the national security food chain.

Now here’s something else that will blow your mind.  Go back and look at what current US AG Merrick Garland had to say when he was first alerted about this Apple subpoena. Did he know about it before Schiff and Swalwell started babbling about how outraged they are in media interviews? It doesn’t look like it.  He’s been AG for 3 months and the first he’s hearing about this super-duper-secret grand jury and the subpeonas it’s been issuing – and renewing for 3 years – to spy on top Congressional leaders seems to be when Schiff and Swalwell start talking about it.

The first knee-jerk reaction on hearing about the decision not to renew the Apple subpoena for a fourth year, and let the judge’s non-disclosure order expire, was to claim GARLAND KILLED THE INVESTIGATION and  unseated the grand jury.  In fact, this decision not to renew the subpoena was made prior to February of this year, over a month before Garland was sworn in.

There’s a more compelling reason why a subpoena and a non-disclosure order is allowed to lapse: you don’t need the surveillance of the targets any longer because after 3 years of spying on these people you have enough and you’re ready to close in.  After 3 years of air tight security, somebody wanted Schiff and Swalwell & Co. to know. It was no secret what Apple was gonna do the moment that non-disclosure order expired. And how Schiff and others would react.  They’ve done exactly what was expected.

So on top of running Durham in secret for 2 years, on top of having made Durham a de facto Special Counsel long before they announced it, on top of siccing Durham on the Mueller Special Counsel for its criminal activities, now we all know about the grand jury and cases it was building against the SpyGate players.

Want to bet Comey is one of the 73?


He did!

“We have it all.”

They’re going to wish they’d never tried it.

“Wait, you’re shitting me….I’m being what by WHO??!!

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If you have gotten this far, I want to add this as a reminder to all…

What happens to the special counsel?
Rudy met w/ Mueller today.
Public announcement.
End of POTUS investigation?
Continue w/ other investigations?
Stage set?
Support growing?
We have it all.
Welcome to the WH.

April 25, 2018