Why send Chinese soldiers to America’s shores to fight an expensive war when it is much easier, and less costly, for Beijing to simply buy US properties near sensitive military installations and purchase businesses that produce products critical to US national security?

When China began modernizing its military a couple of decades ago, it started stealing advanced technology from the West and reverse engineered what it needed. It saved on cost and time by helping the communist giant skip generations of development. Now that it on par technologically with the West in many areas, China is taking things a step further.

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DARIA NOVAK served in the United States State Department during the Reagan Administration, and currently is on the Board of the American Analysis of News and Media Inc. Ms. Novak has more than two decades of senior-level expertise in foreign affairs including alternative energy, Chinese/Asian politics/trade/economics, Chinese security/defense/economic/cyber policy. Served as a political appointee, and career, in the US State Department (East Asia & Pacific/Inter-American/Intelligence), global trade/negotiating behavior, dual-use technologies, & crisis management.