SO not true!  Oh. My. Gawd.

Fake news, spread over social media by hair-on-fire idiots who can’t be bothered — or aren’t SMART enough with common sense —  to do their own research

The House bill was killed in committee. It died in committee.  It never made it out of committee.

Good grief… People are overreacting about EVERYTHING — when what they SHOULD be doing is researching for themselves.  Instead, they have a freak out and start spreading rumors.  It’s sickening.  Are we dealing with children here?  
One click is all it took for me to learn that the bill was DOA.  — ONE CLICK!!!
And yet, hair-on-fire people are jumped-up-ready to put the BEST governor in the Union’s head on a pike. Idiots.
It’s sickening.  And dangerous.  Lemmings.  Crazed lemmings… I see it all the time.
House Bill 6003 is dead. Pass it on to those who are too lazy to look it up.
General Bill by Sabatini and Smith, D. (CO-SPONSORS) Borrero; Grieco; Hage; Harding; RoachVaccinations During Public Health Emergencies: Removes authority of State Health Officer to order vaccinations upon declaration of public health emergency; revises requirement that DOH adopt certain rules.Effective Date: July 1, 2021Last Event: Died in Pandemics & Public Emergencies Committee on Friday, April 30, 2021 2:40 PM