The Morning Report by JJ Sefton

Good morning kids. Tuesday and last night Tucker Carlson [“TuCa”] dropped a bomb, claiming that the Biden junta has been spying on him and his staff. Given the undeniable facts that the Federal Leviathan, with at the very least the tacit approval and quite probably at the behest of the Obama regime, attempted to sabotage the 2016 election, and the fact they did indeed rig and outright steal it last November, TuCa’s revelation does not necessarily come as a surprise. But given all the other third world banana republic thuggery going on as we speak, the implications are terrifying.

Emphasis mine. But, it’s not going to stop, Tucker. The writing is on the wall and this party is just getting started. Vanilli Milley, Gilday and all the other brass-holes at the Pentagon as well as other traitors to the uniform like Mattis, McChrystal (who more than likely was at the planning table to the 2020 election theft) and schmucks like Barry McCaffrey are down for the struggle-session. It’s more than self-flagellation over being white or not wearing heels and sipping a little penis while wearing pregnancy flight suits. This is about training recruits to fire on American citizens in American towns without even thinking twice about it. 

I love Tucker Carlson but if he really thinks Congress is going to do something about this, he’s got his head in the sand. We have to be honest with ourselves; America as founded is no more. Mortally wounded on November 3rd, it got smothered with a My Pillow on January 6th. There is no regular order. There are no courts. There are no guardrails or firewalls. All of those depend upon very flawed, frail human beings who, even in seemingly normal times are known to be venal, corrupt and power-mad. Even if we had a political opposition that was 100% in lockstep about fighting this, they’re in the minority and most crucially, they will look to seek redress by playing a game and following rules that those who overthrew the government long ago have tossed into the bonfire. 

Whether it’s the courts, Congress, the bureaucracy, law enforcement, the military and now even down to the average citizen, people are going to act in one of a few ways. One, they’re wholly on board with the persecution and ultimate liquidation of their political enemies. Two, they may or may not be on board with what’s going on but they value their own necks and keep their heads down and their mouths shut. And it’s not necessarily a weaponized military or police that will keep people in line. It’s perhaps even one’s own brainwashed neighbors, co-workers, bosses, banks and children that will act as the regime’s enforcers. 

Nearly 50 years ago, Bill Ayers talked about having to annihilate roughly 25 million people who refused to be “re-educated” after the Weathermen and Black Panthers overthrew the United States and imposed a Marxist-Leninist dictatorship. Alarming as it was, it was nothing more than a Marxist’s wet dream. But with what is happening right now on direct orders from the Pentagon and the commander-in-chief (whoever it is because Biden is just not in his right mind), it won’t be the terrorist cadres of BLM and Antifa doing the annihilating. Soldiers wearing the uniform of the US military are going to be the ones making Ayers’ dream a reality. Mark my words because this is where we are headed. And no amount of touchy-feely happy talk and peaceful protest is going to stop it. Hell, our peaceful protest has now been defined as “white supremacist” hate speech and “insurrection.” And the DoD and DoJ have identified “white supremacy” as the number one national security threat to “our sacred democracy” (spit).

And see Julie Kelly’s report with confirmation that January 6th was indeed a setup involving the DC cops along with BLM/Antifa and at the behest of top Democrat leadership.

The time for talk is over. 

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