I’m keeping an eye on Keshel’s observations. He comes highly recommended as a truth teller by several others I trust who are on-the-ball, paying attention on what’s happening with the stolen election/audits. So you’ll be seeing more of Keshel on these pages as we move forward. If you’re on TELEGRAM, join his channel at https://t.me/RealSKeshel where he also interacts with his readers/commenters.

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Georgia’s issues impacted not only the presidential race, but the Senate. 

David Perdue would have been over 50% on 11/3 if not for the tremendous fraud throughout the state. Loeffler would have still faced a runoff thanks to Collins in the race, but the 1/5 race suffered from absentee hell. 

I calculate 14,000 illegally cast votes kept Perdue under 50% on 11/3. 

Also – incorrect to believe ATL metro is the only thing in GA that was rigged. As in the other states, Trump had to be shaved in the red areas in order to put the blue bubbles in position for the haymaker. Is there any accident that GA and AZ are squeakers just over 10k in margin?

Almost as if the final Trump vote tally was known beforehand.

I hate what happened for our country in Georgia, but I must say, if there ever were a pair of senators I didn’t shed a tear for over losing seats, those would be Loeffler and Perdue. 

Perdue was held below 50% by several hundred thousand fraudulent ballots cast statewide. And HE KNEW IT. So did Loeffler. 

The GOP Machine, in order to dispatch Trump, clearly told them to stay silent. They’re not stupid. They knew Biden mysteriously gained 6x more new votes than Clinton in a state he didn’t campaign in. A state red since 1996, when the incumbent gains 370k new votes. 

They didn’t count on the snake biting them on 1/5. They screwed around, and found out. Loeffler is particularly detestable, lying to her own constituents about contesting the electoral certification, and backing out with a convenient excuse over a supposed “insurrection.”

Happy trails, RINOs. Hate it for America, but for you – we know you knew, and did nothing.