The Fourth Turning.

Seth Keshel:

I’ve mentioned on several shows now that I highly recommend all Patriots to obtain a copy of “The Fourth Turning” by Howe & Strauss.

It perfectly explains where we are in the cycles of history and is truly fascinating. A little dry so you may consider listening to this on your drives but it is amazing and you will get over any hopelessness you may feel. 

Why? Because history writes itself every day and we are a climax point of the crisis period. 

Give this a comment if you’re ordering or have read it.

Daddio, [Jun 30, 2021 at 4:23:40 PM]:

We Are In A “FOURTH TURNING,” What Does That Mean?

SPIRITED MAN sweatshirt:

A visual representation of our 80-year history cycles, as laid out in the 1997 book, THE FOURTH TURNING.   

Daddio, [Jun 30, 2021 at 4:23:40 PM]:

This is the book review I watched. It is an excellent book and very much worth reading.

Read it in 2005, studied it for 10 years, integrated into worldview, met with Neil Howe a decade ago.  One takeaway, JFK tried to make the changes in a 1st turning that are only now possible in a 4th turning.  When we really understand these dynamics we will adapt and adjust our policies and actions to be resonant with the turning we are in.  Like gardening, there are things in you do in Spring you do not do in Winter, and often best not to do in Summer or Fall.  Same with Cultural Turnings.  And when you take right action in every season the result is an abundant garden, full of life. Same can be true of culture.

Currently reading it about halfway through, it is a dry read.

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