Seth Keshel:

If I were Katie Hobbs and felt confident about the certified results in Maricopa County, I would sit back and let the audit and, by connection, everyone who supports it, self destruct. There is no better way to solidify an administration with highly questioned legitimacy from coast to coast than to let the audit make your opponents look like idiots as your results are confirmed. 

Katie knows what is going on. She’s acting like a fool, now shifting the argument to “even if the audit showed fraud we couldn’t change anything.” They are setting the stage to paint Cyber Ninjas as biased, incompetent, and conspiracy theorists. None of their argument is about the anomalies or about the tons of affidavits and testimonies alleging misconduct in the administration of the election. 

It is the left spilling out “status reports” in order to make the audit ship appear leaky.  If that audit reveals substantial problems, like missing ballots, or enough illegal ballots to reverse the state, then she and the entire Maricopa Board of Supervisors is utterly toast. 


Maricopa hasn’t been blue since 1948

It was even red when Bob Dole lost Arizona in 1996, the first loss since 1948. 

Trump won Maricopa in 2016 with fewer votes than Romney 

Trump decided to set a GOP record by gaining 248,000 additional votes from his 2016 total just so he could lose the county for the first time in 72 years 

Dems have never gained more than 116,000 new votes in Maricopa. So it’s totally natural of course, for Biden to come in 338,000 over Clinton to BARELY win the state. Why? He needed every one of those votes. 

They appear to have known the score of where Trump would come in, which is why they awkwardly counted a few batches of votes per day until they ran out of them. 

– – –

Katie knows. So do their lawyers, because the thing I do to celebrate a once in a lifetime achievement is send lawyers out to cover it all up. 

Hobbs is famous for referring to Trump supporters as “Neo Nazis” in 2017.

Arizona appears on the way to be the first state *confirmed* to be wrongfully awarded in the electoral college. That’s called a national crisis. 

Oh, Pima County is also highly fraudulent. 

Sow the wind…

(Final addition: I don’t know when results will be released. No news is good news. We don’t want leaks. Don’t believe any news articles alleging anything.)

Brian Cates:

That last line in Seth’s post is important. We already saw last week clickbait sites that ran with an anonymous rumor that audit results were going to be announced on Monday, and Fann had to correct that.  There will likely be more fake leaks, so don’t rush to buy in on any anonymously sourced rumors with sensational headlines that show up.  Wait for an official announcement by someone on the record who is in a position to know.

lthough frustrating, I choose to view this ongoing disinformation campaign against the Arizona audit as a good thing.  It is evidence to me that they are actively trying to confuse the facts, so that people will not know what is true and what is false when the real facts are released.  More proof they are afraid of the real facts.  Here are some of the mis-truths released so far:

– 200,000 missing ballots.  

Since we do not know the results yet, we don’t know the number.  It could be 2, it could be 200,000, it could be more.  To say a definitive number is pure speculation. None of us know until the report comes out.

– The preliminary audit results would be released last Monday by Karen Fann.

She never said that, and to get your hopes up was an effort to frustate the patriots, no doubt.

– Chuck Fitzgerald, Sergeant at Arms, is deep state and purposefully not acting to get the passwords, routers, etc.

Chuck is Sergeant at Arms in the AZ House, not the Senate.  He is a good man, and has zero legal ability to do anything because the audit is being done by the Senate, not the House.  This attack on him is just ridiculous. 

– Kelly Townsend is preventing the audit results from coming out (or has any influence on the audit).

I am not on the leadership team nor on the Judiciary committee.  I do not have insider’s access to the results, and I have been calling for this audit since November 5th.  

As I said yesterday, I know you had your hopes up because someone put out that preliminary results were being released on Monday, which was false.  I am asking for patience,  as the auditors need to now compile all the info and reports.

IMPORTANT: If the Maricopa County Supervisors cooperate and give us all that we need to finish the audit, we should have results in August.  If not, it will be longer.

Therefore, if you hear anything different, it is part of the disinformation campaign.   I get the frustration, and am sorry you were mislead.  Let’s stick together on this and when the results come out, go from there.