The economy is now reversing, the Biden admin says they created 3 million jobs, its the same jobs, the people just went back to work after the pandemic. The unemployment increased to 5.9. 

The WH is trying to convince everyone inflation is controlled, big fail. It’s happening. People in SF want to leave. The elite say the quiet part out loud, they want a Chinese financial system. Fed makes their move, fed coin. 

The [DS] has now been trapped in the biggest sting operation. They are now trying to distract the public, they just made the worst move, going after Trump’s financial records, boomerang.

Trump from the art of the deal, “My philosophy has always been that if you ever catch someone stealing , you have to go after him very hard, even if it costs you ten times more than he stole. Stealing is the worst.

The pieces are in place, the facts are dripping out, the people are being prepared, what happens next will be easier to accept.