“I think one of my greatest achievements is explaining to the people that the media in this country is corrupt. And it IS corrupt.” — Trump

“One of the best speeches DjT has ever given.”

“Enjoy the fireworks!” — Trump

“I’ll tell you at the next rally. We have a deep state.” — Trump

“I wonder what I’ll be proved right about next? Perhaps it will be election.” – Trump

“Paging Mitch…”

“How come so many people are still in jail over January 6th?” – Trump

“Who shot Ashli Babbitt?” You know. We all know.” – Trump

“Anons are the news now.”

“1776 Stirring in our hearts”

“350 thousand watching on RSBN alone!”

“The only way Biden could draw over 350,000 viewers is if they live streamed his arrest.”

“We will take back the House. We will take back the Senate. And we will take back America! We will not let this happen… The Biden Administration’s willful and deliberate obliteration of America’s borders and immigration laws is a crime against this nation.” – Trump

“…and with you came the storms.” — Trump

“…and the good thing that happened (the stolen election) was now people can SEE and you can see how fast something good can go.”


“We won the presidency. Wait until you see what’s going to happen, because great, great things are going to happen!” – Trump

Despite the raging confidence Trump is displaying and his mannerisms as if he is still President, he hasn’t mentioned 2024 one time! He knows he doesn’t need to. We will be getting to the bottom of 2020 very soon.

“We will make America Great again!”