President Trump called out Mitch McConnell for his feckless non-action regarding the election. Blistered him.

“We need strong leadership!” Trump barked.

At this rate, I now believe the rallies aren’t so much for us as they are for the newly awakened. Do they help reignite the flame and remind us of why we’re here? Absolutely! Do we love and miss our great President’s presence, guidance and leadership? Every. Single. Day. 

I also recognize the sleeping eyes of the world are slowly waking up to the awful situation we are in. They’re looking for something, anything to start making sense. Trump does exactly that. He sheds the light on the dark corners of this world, he calls out the traitors and their evil doings. These rallies are fuel for anyone looking for more insight, truth and hope. 

Hang in there, frens. If at times you find yourself battle weary, know you are not alone in this. The newcomers in this awakening will continue to need a little hand holding. Let’s pray for patience and be ready to lead them in the right direction and inspire more to become digital soldiers and true patriots to then fight next to us in this unconventional war of Good vs. Evil. 

Our numbers are only growing so in turn, [they] will fight with everything [they] have left for their survival. So ask yourself, why shouldn’t we? 

Stay and fight. Pray for strength. We are in this together. Never let [them] tell you differently. 



BREAKING: Trump Asks ‘Who Shot Ashli Babbitt’, ‘And How Come So Many People Are Still In Jail Over January 6’ – National File

“Right, shot, boom, there was no reason for it. Who shot Ashli Babbitt? It’s got to be released.”