X22 Report

The people can now see the economic difference very clearly.

As this separation continues, the people will experience what the [CB] truly wants (sometimes you must SHOW the people the truth.)

Supermarkets are now stocking up because they know inflation is coming. People are going to see how the [CB] system actually hurts their bottom line. The [CB] makes its move by denying people the people the ability to purchase what they want.

The [DS] is panicking, the election audits around the country are moving forward, the narrative to change the US is not working, it’s actually waking people up.

The more the [DS] pushes, the worse it gets for them.

It had to be this way, the people had to see it to wake up so they will never forget. Soon it will be the patriots’ turn and the [DS] won’t know which way to turn.

The clock is ticking down.