Excerpt from a Lin Wood post last night:

I have been reflecting on what appears to be an increasing level of dissension among social media commentators and Telegram channels. Seems that people who appear to be on the same side are turning on each other. Are we? Or is this the work of the enemy? Maybe even planned by the enemy.

I’ll tell you why there’s an “increased level of dissension” – it’s because more and more social media commentators are realizing that the truth movement is getting infiltrated as hell and they’re finding the courage to speak up about it. There’s way too much grifting, pandering, and downright disinformation ops being waged. THAT is what is the work of the enemy. We need to be vigilant against it, not enable it. I’m glad more people are being vigilant.

Jordan Sather observed: What are these commentators “dissenting” from? Is there supposed to be a groupthink mentality in the truth movement? Are there supposed to be influencers that we are not allowed to question?

Q warned us over and over again about infiltration ops into the movement, grifters using this movement for their own profits and fame, false decodes purposefully spread around the movement to weaponize against us, and much more – these are just a few of the notable drops with lines I’ve highlighted.

INFORMATION WARFARE – use discernment. Critical thinking over emotional reaction. Beware the false idols.