From his TELEGRAM page:

For full disclosure:

Last year i received an anonymous message warning me to not discuss the projects of Miles Guo and Bannon.

I will take that advice and wont be discussing unproven or unverifiable allegations made against Miles Guo (you can find them yourself if you are interested).

However, I am not scared to re-publish video and image statements that Miles initially published himself since the first rule of the internet is that nothing on the internet is ever deleted.

It is important for you guys to see this content before making an informed decision about joining Gettr.

Also, yes, I majored in Chinese literature, I am fluent in Chinese, I can read Chinese, and I can verify that what he says in these videos does match the subtitle translations.

I initially learned and studied Chinese so I could read ancient kungfu manuals in the source language.

Miles Guo’s loyalty oath to President Xi Jinping is allegedly taken from a longer video published in 2017.

What we know:

Miles Guo aligns himself with politicians and people who are anti-ccp. 

Miles Guo is anti-ccp because his personal clique inside the CCP lost power in a purge circa 2013-2014 when many of his friends were arrested as political prisoners.

Miles Guo was tipped off and fled China before they could arrest him.

Miles Guo has said that he supports the Chinese president Xi Jinping in a video published in 2017 (it is unknown when the video was recorded – it could be from pre-2013 purge. It is also possible that the video was recorded under duress.).

Miles Guo is heavily involved in American GOP fundraising and narrative building.


Honestly I dont know if Miles Guo is trustworthy or not – there is a thick cloak-and-dagger fog surrounding him.

Just be careful and do what you can to limit your risk online, as you should be doing on any social media platform anyway. Always use a VPN, tor when you can, and try not to put too many personal details into any internet platform.

Miles Guo put his hat into the social media ring.

He will be attacked hard and relentlessly by many people just for being the funder of a social media site.

I was attacked as admin of 8chan.

Jack is attacked as admin of Twitter.

Mark is attacked as admin of Facebook.

Torba is attacked as admin of Gab.

Thats just how it is. Fragile egos have no business putting their hat into the social media ring.

I hope Miles Guo will do a great job with running GETTR and certainly hope he upholds strong free speech protections for his user base.

Whether or not he is able to deliver on those promises is yet to be seen.

GETTR was hacked on launch day.

Steve Bannon and Miles Guo put out a video addressing the hack.

No subtitles, but Miles Guo claims that someone from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army took responsibility for the hack.

Worth a watch just to see Steve Bannon’s reaction to what Miles Guo is saying.

Attached video seems to be a super cut of Banon reactions.

Unedited version here:

I’ve registered the @codemonkeyz account on GETTR.

I’m going to be focused on Telegram and wont be posting on GETTR.

Just registered and holding the account as a placeholder so others dont impersonate me on the platform.

Remember, be careful with new platforms, do your due diligence to understand the platform, and take safety precautions as best you can.