This gentleman hasn’t been awake as long as many of us have. He’s already fed up and demanding that something be done. He just doesn’t understand why, after 8 months of watching Biden et al destroying our country, he expects it to be fixed yesterday.

He doesn’t understand or know that Americans like him have to be SHOWN first. That you can’t TELL people the truth, they have to SEE it for themselves. They have to be SHOWN how close we are to losing it if we don’t jump in and do what we should have been doing all along. This guy doesn’t know that. (I’m betting he’s never read or understood what many of us have — the Q Drops). And I’ll bet he’s been complacent for most of his sentient years.

And because he doesn’t understand that this is a deliberately planned PROCESS, a GREAT AWAKENING, he’s going out of his mind with anger and frustration. But you and I know better. We know that when the weight and balance of public awareness tips in our favor, and it is moving in that direction every day, and China Biden’s “approval” numbers are tanking the 30’s, well then and only then, will the Patriot Military and the USA Patriots among us get off our asses, quit bitching, step up and roll up our sleeves to take back our country, our community, our county, our state, our board of education. We’ve already begun, it is underway. More are awakening every day. We know it. He just doesn’t see it. Yet.

Don’t be this guy.



I am officially done being the new sheep.

After talking with some former military vets tonight I am very discouraged in our military leadership. Most the the military agrees with us that this is all bullshit. But their leadership is either woke, politically driven (worried about moving up the ranks), there are less leadership with the balls to stand up and will lose everything if they do.

We hear that we have it all and we need to catch them in act. By this point assuming that’s true ….then we have caught them in the act so what are we waiting on? At this point you think they are not watching these channels and are worried and or would not stop doing it?  After all that we have seen over the last 8 months  what other evidence do they need? We now know the DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, DNI, SCOTUS, Democrats, Republicans, big tech, media Etc… is corrupt. We know the election was stolen by rigged voting machines. How many more kids need to be kidnapped, tortured, rapped and murder?

How many more of our love ones need to die from the shot? Don’t tell me it’s their fault. Bullshit. The MSM and big tech is allowed to lie to them which means they will never wake up the MSM and big tech are held accountable. (sic)

China Biden has signed over 50 EO’s and counting. China Biden has given China access to our power grid, people have lost jobs because of him, then gas, food wood etc…are sky rocketing  and we are moving towards depending of foreign energy, illegal immigrants crossing in record numbers, scamdemic still out of control, drug cost is going up, he did nothing for TX during the cold spell, he attacked Syria then we were attack and nothing happened.

Antifa burns down our cities, loot our stores, take over police stations, take over city blocks, beat up innocent people, murder people and are not held accountable. Then over 400 Trump supporters are still held in jail for Jan 6 when we now know that the police let them in and antifa was the ring leader. We are now hearing that the FBI and CIA played a role etc… 

What has China Biden done for America since he stole his way there?

I ask what else does our military leadership need? Are they corrupt as well?  After waiting for over 8 months we deserve answers. If the military needs our help we are willing and ready to fight for America and for the world. Don’t tell me watch the movie, they all are actors, military is in control etc….  Something this large would take thousands of people and after 8 months we would have seen emails, pics something by now.

Don’t tell me you just don’t  know how to research and your negative. That’s bullshit… every time I ask for evidence no one can show me direct evidence. Don’t tell me the military does not tell their plan…it’s been in place for xxx years. I get that but at some point when do you stop your house from burning down? After it’s just ash’ s or as the fire is just starting? I am pissed and and tired of seeing our amazing country being torn apart as we all sit here and wait for then(PLAN). I will not be the new sheep. For god sake please show us America is steal a shining light for the world!!

At the end of the day I trust in GOD and know he has a plan….that does not mean the plan is our military leadership. America did not form by people sitting on the sideline saying wait for the plan. GOD Lead them the way…..I still love Trump and know he is the Best president ever. I am now questioning where is our military leadership? We know we had foreign countries and domestic players attack our election machines. So what else do the need to act? If you are not asking these questions are you the new sheep?


Some folks are going to be very surprised.