Garrett M. Ziegler wrote the following on his TELEGRAM page:

“Regardless of the specifics, we should note that the person assassinated last night has a history of speaking out against Killary and Bill and their rampage in Haiti.

I know nothing of the man’s politics. One can assume he’s another third world leader who cares about kickbacks and security (like Carlos Salinas). Still doesn’t erase the weird circumstances surrounding his death.”

Do a word search for HAITI on Q’s drops.

There are 21 drops re Haiti. Welcome to the Great Awakening.

The president of Haiti had a lot of connections to the Clinton Foundation.

A lot of children go missing in Haiti.

Investigative journalist George Webb reported in 2017 what went on in Haiti. Much corruption. Even more suffering for the Haitian people. The worst of all, human trafficking, children taken for nefarious uses: child sex trafficking (see Epstein); slave labor; human organs.

Haiti President Jovenel Moïse killed by group claiming to be DEA agents