About That 11.3 Post

Yesterday, I posted a drop from Q that was originally posted on November 1st, 2017. People were naturally curious to know what it means.

As with most things written, a single word, sentence, or fragment of a message cannot be understood outside the context in which it was written. Removed from their context, Q’s posts can be said to mean anything. Sadly, many people have distorted their intended meaning.

The last point bears repeating: Q’s posts have an intended meaning. They are posted with the intent of conveying a particular message. To understand the intended message we must examine the post in the historical context in which it was posted and look at related posts.

The message above was posted during the first week of November 2017, when anti-Trump activists threatened to hold riots around the U.S. Other posts at this time hinted that Trump would deploy the National Guard to quell rioting. The mention of the military in this and related posts alluded to a possible National Guard deployment, but to other things as well.

The mention of 11.3 pertains to a previous post, where Q said Podesta and Huma Abedin would be indicted on November 3rd and 6th, respectively.

As promised, a breakdown of the 11.3  post and ones related to it.

This post was followed by others warning that Hillary Clinton, Podesta, and Abedin would be arrested or indicted the first week of November 2017. It is widely suspected that the Clintons were considered assets of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Open-source records show that the Saudis had donated between 10 and 25 million dollars to the Clinton Foundation. John Podesta was Hillary’s 2016 campaign manager and Abedin was her personal assistant. If you were a Saudi prince, and you got word that someone on 4chan was making claims that a valuable asset of yours was about to be arrested, would you consider taking steps to secure their safety?

You might.

Imagine your surprise on November 4th, when you and members of your family were arrested instead of Clinton, Podesta and Abedin.

In addition to Clinton, Podesta, and Abedin, Q had been posting about Saudi Arabia at this time. The post below from November 3rd asked questions about Jared Kushner’s (JK) recent trip to Saudi Arabia (SA) and the donations of the Saudis.

On November 4th, the day the Saudi princes were arrested, an anon realized Q had been discussing Saudi Arabia and that the arrests may have been what Q was really pointing them to.

Q confirmed that his discussion of Clinton, Podesta and Abedin was a distraction. It diverted attention toward them and away from the real targets—the Saudi princes.

After FBI Attorney Kevin Clinesmith was charged in connection with the surveillance of Carter Page and the Trump campaign, Q hinted that “the first arrest” and “11.3” were alluded to in the original post. The numeric value of the letters of Clinesmith’s first and last names, (K and C) is 11 and 3.

There is another theory about 11.3 that has to do with provisions mentioned in chapter 11, section 3 of the DoD Law of War manual. If you’re wondering whether these provisions might apply to a future situation, I would suggest reading sections 1-4 of chapter 11. (Link)

As you’re reading, pay close attention to section 1 of chapter 11, which defines the terms related to the law of belligerent occupation. This section states that this law does not apply to “non-international armed conflict.” In other words, it only applies to conflicts between opposing nation-states.

I hope this discussion has helped you. I’ll have more information in future messages.