On War Room today, Steve Bannon and The Professor’s Record (aka David Clements on TELEGRAM) sang high praises for Telegram and “quartermasters” like Seth Keshel, who as you already know if you’ve been a regular reader of this site, we told you about Captain Keshel last month in this post. (Not that we’re bragging or anything…)

Keshel knew something was up because he TELEGRAM wrote “Alright… my texts blew up. What did Mr. Bannon say about Captain K?”

Savvy people like Bannon, Gen. Flynn, Clements and several others recognize the gigantic contribution Keshel is bringing to the election integrity effort. Keshel is amazed at the reaction to his talent and efforts, writing…



This is the captain typing. 

This channel just went over 50,000 followers today, and is constantly being packed with people looking to get involved. 

This channel will continue to post the same exact types of content, ranging from maps, graphs, charts, stat dumps, anecdotes, quips, words of wisdom, red pills, videos, social commentary, dad stories, and reasons for hope and encouragement. 

One thing constantly being asked is “have you done XYZ state?” Since those visuals and stats are actionable and being used by audit teams, I have made a channel just to house those, with no comments and none of the other post types. 

You ask, I provide. Audit channels, please share this link as a reference page. For the time being, it will hold mainly just the heat maps by county. “

Captain K’s Maps and Stats

One Stop Shop for maps, stats, and graphics from @RealSKeshel



Trump – 554,119 (63.9%)

Biden – 287,021 (33.1%)

Idaho taught me a lot.  As I’ve said, it is almost clean as a whistle.  More on that shortly.


Trump – 193,559 (69.9%)

Biden – 73,491 (26.6%)

First Idaho, Now Wyoming – these two states avoided the simulation of 2020 and give an accurate view of what the true dynamics of the election were.  Biden has fewer votes in WY than Obama did in 2008, when he lost the state by 32%.  

Contrast this with a vote total in Utah nearly double Obama’s total from 2008, and a very strong vote gain in MT, and you see that WY was not part of the game plan.

12/50 County Heat Maps complete and archived in @CaptainKMapsandStats

I am heading east across the map.  Need to run back and bring in Alaska, which of course was held off from being called, so I expect to find a mess there.

BUT… I am going to work my way back to the middle from the other coast, since there is demand there and a need to produce.

Next 2 heat maps after AK are going to be FL and VA.

Buckle up.


Judge in Michigan hearing today says the election was clean from the get go. 

Here is my work from November to show you the grotesque truth (please see file below).


“Wow, I can’t believe Alaska of all places was corrupt. No way anyone would have believed it would go to Biden,” you say. 

Please scroll up to my post on AK about 8 hours ago. 

It appears that, indeed, Alaska was the putter of states in the golf bag of corruption, with PA being the driver, and MI, MN, WI, AZ, and GA serving as irons and wedges. 

Alaska was machined as such to provide needed flexibility in case Biden got stuck at 267-269 electoral votes. 

It doesn’t even take a rainman to figure that out – it took three days to call it, a state Trump won by 15% and gained 27k in. It was simply “let go” as a courtesy once they realized GA and AZ were caught in the web, along with the rust belt. 

They just didn’t think it would be looked in to since it still went to Trump by 10%.  But, sure, 92% of your 68,000 new registered voters are independent/unaffiliated. Roger that. This is the Oregon, Washington, and California west coast model. 

Senator Murkowski, call your office. 

And someone needs to lead on Alaska. I don’t see a group.