“The reason that [they] continue to push censorship:

We the people have become such an effective source of news that they have no choice but to censor.  Inherent trust in the mainstream media is at an all time low.  Whatever extreme measures they make only serves to expose their wicked agendas.  Make no mistake: They won’t be able to stop the awakening. What’s started cannot be undone. The more they censor…the more resilient we become.

If they were winning the information war then there would be no need for these extreme measures.  

They are showing us just how powerful we are as a group of red pill dealers.  

Their number one fear is a public awakening.

Everyday that goes by is another closer to that fear being manifested.

If we collectively decide to take control of our own education and stop trusting the so called arbiters of truth then we break free from their carefully crafted narratives. Once you understand the power of the mainstream media, their ability to manufacture narratives to guide sheep into compliance and blindness…once you see the truth for yourself then you have the ability to live outside of their deceptions. You have the ability to see the 40 thousand foot view. They fear the momentum we have therefore they try to silence us but this too will fail.

You know they are losing when they have to make databases of anyone posting a green frog on the internet.  You know they are losing when they have to openly talk about their facist goals.  Since when do they state in the open that which they used to do in secret? 

Exposure brings awakening. – Pepe Lives Matter