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Here We Go: Major Texas Democrat Stripped of Leadership Post for Fleeing the State

State Rep. Joe Moody (D-El Paso) has been stripped of his position as speaker pro tem in the Texas House following his decision to flee the state in order to stymie the ongoing special session that Go…

Shits happening in Texas tonight 

State Rep. Joe Moody (D-El Paso) has been stripped of his position as speaker pro tem in the Texas House following his decision to flee the state 

Here We Go: Major Texas Democrat Stripped of Leadership Post for Fleeing the State


You found out today these three people are targets in an on-going 3 year federal criminal investigation being led by a U.S. Attorney that involves a federal grand jury that has been issuing subpoenas recently, long after the election and after Joe Biden took office.  You were told this investigation had ended. You were told wrong.

Understand what this info from investigations that hadn’t leaked in almost 3 years suddenly being handed to Politico means:  The very capable, competent and dedicated people handling this stuff picked NOW. They picked right now, today, to pull back the curtain and reveal this, that US Attorney has an active grand jury seated investigating THE PRESIDENT’S FAMILY and after the election they sent out a huge flurry of search warrants and grand jury subpoenas and NOTHING LEAKED about any of this amazing activity until they were ready to disclose it to the media.

The Joe Biden administration wants to stop the proving of the 2020 election fraud. They want to focus on stopping the audits.  What if they can’t?  What if Biden’s about to be forced to deal with issues that are, shall we say, closer to home?  Like the fact he, his son, his brother and others in his family are part of a criminal grand jury probe being led by a US Attorney?

If you just found out 10 minutes ago there’s a US Attorney who seated a federal grand jury awhile back and recently that U.S. Attorney began issuing search warrants and the grand jury begin issuing subpoenas in an investigation directly targeting family members of the President of the United States, and your first comeback to me about this is “So what?”, you’re not going to really like following me on this channel.

Well remember what I’ve been saying all this time while you were being confidently assured by all the usual suspects that nothing was happening.  I said all along not only is Durham really investigating, I said the investigations into the Biden Crime Family didn’t shut down either.  And I have the receipts to back that up. 

Receipt #1:

Why Haven’t the Durham or Hunter Biden Investigations Ended Yet?

Commentary It’s widely assumed in much of the media commentary I’ve seen in the past few months that …

Receipt #2:

Yup. It’s good to be on the record in a historical way that everybody can examine. This column was published on March 17.

Hunter Biden’s prosecutor rejected moves that would have revealed probe earlier

Veteran U.S. attorney David Weiss, known for his willingness to take on powerful Delaware figures, kept his investigation into Biden’s son out of the 2020 campaign.

Who wants to bet me the search warrants and grand jury subpoenas that U.S. Attorney David C. Weiss began issuing after the election was over have nothing to do with the laptop? Who’d be dumb enough to take that bet?

Even after the NY Post’s story broke in October, and a massive censorship campaign began in both the mainstream media and Big Tech social  media platforms to scrub the scandal from sight before the election, the fact WEISS HAD THE LAPTOP and was investigating the Biden Crime Family was already known. He could have, had he so desired, made the Hunter Biden investigation a key issue in the election by issuing search warrants and grand jury subpoenas.  He chose not to do that.

“Wait I thought nothing was happening?!”  “Grand jury subpoenas? WHAT GRAND JURY? There’s a grand jury looking into this that has been seated, and is still active and is issuing subpoenas? Really?  I thought this whole thing was shut down months ago?!”  Imagine having to suddenly have to explain all this to people who’ve been brainwashed through repeated statements that thee was nothing here, and besides it was all shut down long ago, if it was ever real.

Now that people know that Weiss is still investigating the Biden Crime Family and is issuing search warrants and grand jury subpoenas, we should have more developments in the coming weeks.

Now ask yourself this: Weiss and others were already investigating Hunter Biden & Associates before the laptop story broke last October, right? These investigations into the Biden Crime Family had begin in 2018, long before Hunter left the laptop in the Delaware repair store. How many leaks had there been out of those highly sensitive investigations in the 2+ years they were going on before Rudy Giuliani & company broke the laptop story to the NY Post?  There were no leaks that I saw. That’s why the Post story on the laptop was such a huge bombshell.  And once we knew about the laptop and the ongoing federal criminal investigations into the Biden Crime Family, how many leaks did we see out of those investigations since last October? None that I recall. So what am I getting at?  Somebody wants people to know this investigation is going on and it is active and it is pursuing laptop evidence and they picked RIGHT NOW to reveal this. Why?

My new column is up:

Why They Can’t Find Special Counsel John Durham