Such a bad girl.

Not a dime. Not a nickel. Not even a penny. Kiss my derriere, RNC Ronna.


Wow! Ronna Romney talking about election fraud! 

She managed to raise 9-figures off of election fraud without spending any money on election fraud!

There are about to be a whole lot of audits around the country that could use that money.

Unfortunately, Ronna Romney won’t be helping fund election audits because her uncle and a whole bunch of swamp RINOs love election fraud!

Election fraud allows swamp RINOs to push endless wars, broken trade deals, and continuous corruption without worrying about representing the will or earning the votes of the American people.

Fortunately, the American people are awake! Arizona and Georgia were stolen!

And Ronna isn’t going to be able to stop the facts that come out about election fraud as audits roll out across the country!