Kicking off my first cup with Brian Cates et al on TELEGRAM:

“So now the questions becomes: How many other counties out there in how many other states pulled this dirty trick? If it was just one county in AZ, that’s bad enough. But let’s verify that.” – Cates

The Library:

Maricopa County *deliberately* handed out over 168,000 *on-demand, election day* ballots that were on non official, unsecure paper with alignment errors greater than 3000%.

What does that mean? Lets break it down:

First, many of us including then-President Trump were urging people to vote on election day to prevent our ballots being intentionally lost or destroyed.  This was also done to deny the cheaters a head start in knowing how much fraud they had to produce to steal the Election.

The fraudulent, error filled ballots were designed to do two things: 

1. Because of alignment errors, a legitimate vote for Trump would be scanned as a vote for Biden

2. Because Maricopa county told people to use & handed out sharpies & because the paper wasnt thick enough, the sharpie bled through. This invalidated the ballot & it had to be duplicated. And these duplicates were nearly 100% cast for Biden.

This is especially egregious because the vast majority of all election day voters were Trump voters.

This was a planned fraud effort to *systematically* steal/invalidate election day votes from Donald Trump & down ballot candidates in Maricopa county.

X22 Report:

The Enormity Of What Is Coming Will Shock The World, Prepare For The Shock Wave,[Zero-Day]

Free Britney:

Free Britney advocates are asking the media to look into HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra after Elizabeth Warren asked his office for data on conservatorships & citing Britney’s situation. Britney supporters said they called, wrote letters & posted on social media asking his office to take action when he was the Attorney General of California & they were ignored. This letter notes that another former attorney general refuses to comment on Free Britney. Hello Kamala Harris! 👋🏼 Harris was attorney general of California before Becerra from 2011 to 2016 which overlaps with Britney’s 13 year long enslavement.