Q followers have long known that when he said “We have it all,” Q was likely referring to ALL the illegal information, including WHY Hillary was shocked when she was “supposed to win.” We knew that President Trump sat in a SCIF on election night 2020 and watch those packets streaming past as the Military IT nerds were recording every bit of it.

And the Left Marxist Democrat/Republican oligarch elites know we know it too and they are frantic. As Q said MANY times, “Panic in DC.” Watch for the next phase, “Suicide Weekend” coming soon.

From Brian Cates, who though he protests that he is not an adherent of Q’s military grade social media platform (and blocked many of his readers for making the case for Q), has nevertheless reached the same conclusion that Q followers have known. Herewith Cates’ observations tonight on Telegram. Welcome to the party, Brian.


I have received my official invite to the Mike Lindell Cyber Symposium. 🙂

Meanwhile here’s where I am on my crash course of research understanding how data packet captures are done and how they are forensically examined for veracity.  Still at the point I’m defining terms and learning the lingo with 17 days to go until I leave for South Dakota.

And who did Ezra Cohen-Watnick give it to?  😉

Chris Miller Thanks VP Pence for Efforts in Most Complex Military Operation in History?

Acting Secretary of the Department of Defense Chris Miller Thanks VP Pence for Efforts in Most Complex Military Operation in History?

Mike Pence oversaw some of the most complex military operations US forces have ever conducted.  We only know this because Chris Miller decided to go off script.  And those complex military operations happened prior to and during the election.  🙂  Sleep well tonight, patriots.

The military units who got those data packet captures are good. They are very very good because they pulled off something unprecedented, an operation that was so complex with an awful lot riding on the outcome of it.  But they did it.  They grabbed 37 terabytes of data and got away clean.  I’ve said all along if Lindell has what he says he has, it’s game over for Dominion and all these corrupt local officials who insist their machines had no internet access.  From some things I saw today, I’m more convinced than ever Lindell was handed something 100% real.

The data packets really only need to prove THREE THINGS: First: that all those election machines were connected to the internet during the election.  And the data packets can do it, if they were captured properly.  Every single local election official insisting these machines were not connected will be trapped.  Second: that vote switching occurred.  The packets can demonstrated that easily. And third, that the hackers remotely accessing these election machines and interfering with the vote counts were doing so from a foreign country.  The data packets will not only show the origin point of the hacking, it might even include MAC address and OUI information, which would tell Cyber experts what brand of electronic device the hackers were using and how old it was.