In Australia, they are locking down 900,000 people because 1 person died of COVID-19.

Just wait till they hear about cancer and heart disease.



Why Did Georgia Mail Out 7 Million Ballots in 2020 Election When the State Only Had 5.6 Million Registered Voters?

Why did Georgia mail out 7 million ballots in the 2020 Election when the state only had 5.6 million registered voters? Has anyone asked Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger how the state could mail out 1.4 million more ballots in the 2020 Election than there were registered voters? We reported in December how the…

The answer is in the question posed by headline. The November 2020 election in Georgia was a fraud. Top of the ticket AND down ballot. 

The real question is what will Georgia Patriots do about it?

I don’t think the cheater gets to keep the trophy. IF we respect the rules. 

Do Georgians care about the fact that the rule of law is not being enforced in Georgia?


Lin Wood:

I have done my research and connected the dots. 

I will not change my position on the “vaccine.” I will not take it. End of that discussion. 

I believe that in a free society, each citizen has the legal right to make his or her own choices on medical treatment. Each citizen must also live with the consequences of their decisions. That is why I always urge that you choose wisely. 

I am confident that I have chosen wisely. 

I also strongly believe that government does not have the right to mandate vaccinations. In my opinion, any such mandate is a violation of an individual’s right of privacy.


Mike Pompeo:

They know they aren’t the majority. They know they lost the election. They also know justice is coming… The truth will always come out!


Lin Wood:

I have no idea as to the future political plans of Dr. DeSantis, but one who urges that the “vaccine” reduces your chances of getting seriously ill or dying of Covid to effectively zero might next support mandatory vaccinations. 

Then there is no need for a Covid “vaccine” passport. 

As a practical matter, everyone gets a “passport” without the need for an actual passport to be issued because everyone has taken the shots. 

Logical or just another conspiracy theory?

You decide.

Does Dr. DeSantis know the “data” on whether taking the “vaccine” increases the chance of one becoming seriously ill or dying from medical complications or reactions from the “vaccine” other than from the Covid virus itself?

Asking for a friend.