A conversation on TELEGRAM about Mike Lindell and the packets:


It is needed for the populace to drive the bus on forcing this.  A nudge would be a legit strategy.  They may not have handed data over but could have provided some leads.  Likely in a way that will never show if it indeed happened.   I recall however copies of paper reports the week of the election showing the vote flipping.  I believe in VA.  Those type of reports may be public or reachable information.


It’s possible the military gave him the evidence, but I just really don’t see why they would.

Marsha Wills:

They would for the same reason other intel is “leaked”. Strategy. Many times disinformation is leaked to mislead the enemy. But in this case, because they have the receipts, it was to show that we the people, as in ordinary citizens, can move mountains.


It is interesting to consider where these PCAPs came from. He said in order to get them, you have to be monitoring the transfers in real time, live, when they occur. And it’s so much info that you would need a lot of data storage already in place for them. It seems to me that they knew what would go down, what to capture, and what systems to put in place just to do that. Someone’s got to be an insider here, but it is odd that they would give it to Mike. I dunno. The situation is confusing to me.


I remember hearing Mike Lindell tell about the day he took voter fraud info to Trump at the White House. Trump didnt spend much time with him and Lindell was disappointed over that. Why would the military trust this pillow man with guarded info.?

Do you remember General McInerney talking about his cyber company and how he watched the votes flip during the run off election in GA?

I don’t have any answers but it is fascinating. Why Lindell? I saw someone said it was white hat hackers but what does that really mean? It seems like it would have to have been a military operation but if so why would they give the evidence to Lindell? It’s so odd and will he say where he got this evidence at his Symposium?

WuShockVet, [Jul 26, 2021 at 9:41:50 PM]:

Why not? Lindell is perfect for it. He’s got an amazing story and he’s honest for one. Two, people make fun of him and dismiss him ALL THE TIME. They don’t take him seriously, so that’s good. It allows his case to move forward while they focus their efforts on Sidney Powell, DePerno, Wood, etc. why does it matter if people working with Space force approached him with this? I hate saying it, I’m not a Q person really, but it had to be this way. TRUMP couldn’t  just say, “look here, I’ve got the evidence, the military has the evidence”..: the media would have spun it like mad as people were arrested. They’d call it a “coup” and call Trump a “tyrant”, in promise you that. So just watch… Sounds like Durham is about to unleash hell by the looks of it, Lindell’s symposium is going to be world shaking, and then the game begins. Just wait and see.

Karen ĢÒŔĐØ CO, [Jul 26, 2021 at 9:42:34 PM]:

It is confusing.  But I bet that was the most surveilled election in the history of the world.  Backups of backups.  Of backups.  The key was basically knowing to watch it seems.  There could be any number of others behind a curtain that just aren’t willing or able to be the spokesman ML is.  But it will be fun to find out!

Tea for Two, [Jul 26, 2021 at 9:43:25 PM]:

But could evidence like that be given to a civilian? It doesn’t make sense to me. Is Lindell secretly a spy or something?