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On Sunday, July 25, 2021, 04:06:19 PM EDT, Don Fredrick wrote:  

I believe Chicago was also a “finalist” in the group of cities for the assassination. I had thought the three were Chicago, Miami, and Dallas.

At any rate, reasonable, thinking people knew it was the Mafia and the CIA from the get-go. LBJ was certainly in on it. (He had a party in Texas the night before the killing to celebrate the coming event.) The second Ruby killed Oswald it was obvious Oswald was a patsy. Arlen Specter then came up with the absurd “single bullet theory,” which the then-mostly-unknown Dan Rather pushed – in exchange for a boost up the CBS career ladder. (You can bet the CIA arranged that.)

Anyone who trusted anything the government told them after November 22, 1963 is a naive fool. The more the Feds insist something is true, the more likely it is a lie. Eisenhower warned of the power of the “military-industrial complex.” The danger now is the “military-industrial-media complex.” The powers-that-be seek power and money. They make money from wars, and they gain power from fear and from pitting groups of Americans against each other. What they fear most is Americans uniting against the deep state, rather than remaining divided against each other.

On Sat, Jul 24, 2021 at 11:31 PM David J. wrote:

John: I vividly recall the day JFK was shot (It was during  my first year with SRD/FDOT).  I was shocked and saddened – then numb.  I was also watching TV when Jack Ruby (connected to the New Orleans Mafia) shot Oswald on camera.  The mark/handprint of the Mafia was  all  over the assassination of JFK.   It was planned in either New Orleans or in Florida (actually in Ybor City) where two (2) Dons somewhat semi-independent of The Commission   – Carlos Marcello of New Orleans or Santos Trafficante in Tampa – planned and organized the  assassination.   

After JFK appointed his brother Bobby as U.S. Attorney General, it was common knowledge that it was the main objective of Bobby to dismantle the Mafia.  What is so ironic is that father Joe Kennedy became a very wealthy man by assisting and providing major support to the Mafia after the 18th Amendment was ratified which prohibited the manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors within United States . . . 

You may recall Kisinger, Camps Associates out of Tampa (if they ever  did engineering or C.E.I. services for FDOT, District V).  KCA employed an excellent engineer who was the nephew of Santos  Trafficante (on the maternanl side of Santos – the son of the sister of Santos.). J _ _ _ and I worked together on many projects, and went together to see the Bucs play in Tampa Stadium.  J _ _ _ NEVER spoke about his Uncle; and I never asked him about his Uncle.  But I know he must have been fairly close to Santos simply in terms of being just a relative. Several times I went or joined with J _ _ _ at a club well known to be owned by Santos. J _ _ _  never visited with Santos, except to greet him. I would occasionally see the nephew at the club, but neverwhen Santos was present that I could see.J _ _ _ played with KCA in the State-wide Engineering Softball Tournament for 13 years – from the 2nd year through the last year it was held.

David Heckman   Certified Engineering Technologist 

From: John Ellis
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Dear Arlene Johnson 

Even though I am a staunch Conservative-Republican, I had and still have a lot of respect for Democrat President Harry S Truman because he was willing to use the atomic bomb to prevent a much greater blood-bath for both sides had we been forced to invade the Japanese homeland to end the Second World War. And, I had and still have a lot of respect for President Truman for his refusal to sell his soul for corporate gain after he left the White House. 

And, I believe that Democrat President John F. Kennedy was the last good and honest Democrat president. 
Because I believe that he loved our God and our Country and our Constitution and our Bill of Rights and our Military. 
And he was the last Democrat president who understood how the economy actually works … he cut taxes when his own party wanted to raise taxes. 
And he stood-up to the Communists in Russia when they secretly tried to put missiles in Cuba. 
And he and his brother Bobby Kennedy were trying to rout-out corruption in several of our Federal agencies (i.e., the FBI and the CIA and others). 
And he and his brother Bobby Kennedy were trying to rein-in the Mafia who had been operating pretty much in the open because politicians on both sides of the aisle were taking bribes to look the other way.
So even though I am a dyed-in-the-wool Conservative-Republican, I respect and miss President Truman and I respect and miss President Kennedy
 Sincerely,   John D. Ellis 

From: Arlene Johnson
I was 20-years-old when the best president we ever had was gunned down in Dallas. We cried and cried.
I was dating a guy who had met JFK. It would not be until 1993 that I would learn the first two reasons why JFK had been gunned down. They are from ARGENTINA where I traveled from NYC to get the documentation.
Why wouldn’t our press report the facts?

I would learn much more from a man in the Bay Area who had researched the Kennedy assassination for 30 years. That information is in my third edition which is at Later I would learn more so that is in later editions such as the 14th and 28th. Arlene On 24 Jul 2021, at 01:45, Gary Beauregard wrote:
 The murder was sloppily carried out and it depended on the stark stupidity of the American people to be successful. 

On Friday, July 23, 2021, 01:10:10 PM EDT, John Ellis wrote:  Dear Robert Martin  Yes, Liberal, Evil, and Corrupt Democrat … is there any other kind … Lyndon Baines Johnson was up to his eye-balls in the conspiracy to assassinate Moderate-Democrat-President John F. Kennedy. And, the FBI and the CIA and the Mafia were only all too willing to carry-out Johnson’s planned assassination-conspiracy to fruition. The obviousness of the conspiracy and the resultant assassination was as plain to see as the big nose on Johnson’s face.
 1) President Kennedy hailing from the ultra-liberal state of Massachusetts being allowed to be driven through the streets of very-conservative Dallas, Texas, where every third person there wanted to assassinate Kennedy himself or herself personally … 
2) Vice President Johnson being shoved to the floor of his limonene well-before the first shots were fired at President Kennedy … 
3) Mobster Jack Ruby being able to kill obvious-patsy Lee Harvey Oswald in the underground parking garage of the Dallas Police Headquarters Building …
4) Jackie Kennedy keeping her mouth shut concerning this obvious conspiracy and resultant assassination of her husband because she knew that if she didn’t that she would be next …
5) The ultra-liberal Warren Commission hiding and suppressing the facts surrounding this obvious conspiracy and resultant assassination …
I knew well before Kennedy’s body had cooled to room-temperature that Johnson and the FBI and the CIA and the Mafia had perpetrated this heinous crime. And, I had voted for Conservative-Republican Richard Milhaus Nixon in 1960.  So, I didn’t have a dog in the fight. But, the truth is the truth … no matter where the chips might fall. 
Sincerely,   John D. Ellis  
PS: And, had a Republican been involved in such a heinous crime, that Republican would have been dragged-out of the White House and hung right there on the West-Wing Lawn with the Damnable-Democrats clapping and cheering and singing and dancing and making-merry without remorse and without pity.
PPS: And, please tell Coward and Idiot and Fool Clemens S. Martin that Brexit has always made sense.  Because the UK has been carrying the rest of the members of the European Union ever since their joint-venture first began. Sort of like the USA has been carrying NATO ever since its founding even though NATO wasn’t created to protect us. 

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“PLEASE.  Anyone who doubts the existence of a deep state need only read the book, “LBJ: The Mastermind of the JFK Assassination,” by Phillip F. Nelson.   Brilliantly researched.  Robert A. Martin”