New Post by Contributing Author Seamus O’Flannagan

Patel Patriot

Taking off of my previous piece of “where are we” and how we got here, let us now deal with the present situation.  For decades the institutions from which this country was founded and built upon have slowly, and then with greatly increasing frequency, have come to not see themselves as American, but as Global citizens.  This is not a new Phenomena, Teddy Roosevelt saw it in the lead up to World War 1 with the initial onset of this “Globalist” caste, “We can have no 50-50 allegiance in this country.  Either a man is an American and nothing else, or he is not an American at all”

This globalist caste, which includes the Billionaires, their political stooges, the multinational and large domestic corporations, Universities/Colleges, Banking institutions, Major League sport’s organizations, ALL have been thoroughly compromised.  I could name more, but there does need to be brevity to this article.  Instead of viewing America as their home country, and caretakers of that nation, they instead have adopted the mindset that they will suck as much out of this country till there is nothing else.  They have become parasitic in nature.  Mendacity to them is not something to be stamped out but praised and exalted, as it keeps the host (Us American’s) from realizing that we are nothing more than chattel to them.  

We have the power though to reclaim these companies and institutions, and this is what does need to be done, for you can not have a country governed by those that despise it and do not have to suffer the consequences of their nihilistic choices.  However, it was us who allowed ourselves to be inured to their disastrous decisions, and now we are paying the price.  The lie can only continue for so long though, and then it must be backed up by brute force, and that is what we are currently witnessing.  Any illusion one had that this Globalist caste views themselves as Americans needs to be erased from their consciousness.  

This is war, it is a zero sum game.  The other side is fighting with everything they have and they will not stop until any semblance of what we thought this country was is perverted into a dystopian neo feudal society where they, the Globalist caste, lords over all.  Ready and prepare yourselves, we are winning but it will take every able bodied American to take back and rebuild this country.  We have saved the world from tyranny before, let’s do it again and be the heroes we were always destined to be.

Seamus O’Flannagan