“I spent about 72 hrs over this week with a brilliant young, Ukrainian-born American citizen woman who described herself as extremely liberal and a lifelong Democrat voter. 

At the current moment I have my 4 best friends from across elementary and high school staying with me for the weekend (yes, we go way back). Of the 5 of us, 2 are very conservative, 2 are very liberal & live in deep blue cities and one has zero cares about politics and never watches the news. 

Across each of these groups, the extremely liberal lifelong Democrat voters are just as worried and disgusted by the path that the progressives have taken over the past +year. 

They all know that America is not a racist nation as they’ve been force fed. 

None of them agree with forced vaccinations or the strange push to inject people with an experimental technology that even some of the scientists who help create it are trying to warn the public of the dangers. 

Had I resorted to yelling and anger when we discussed politics and the state of the world over the past week, we would have found no middle ground and each of these things would have been a point of contention & argument rather than a chance for me to help them understand that bad & dangerous things are afoot in the nation. 

Because I took the tack of listening and presenting facts with no attitude, I was able to tell them all of the realities surrounding the forensic audit movement around the country, the reality of what happened January 6th and the horrendous way the political prisoners from that day are being treated in jails across the east coast.

Moral of the story: many people around the nation, across the entirety of the ideological spectrum, can see what is happening before their very eyes and know that what they’re being told by the likes of CNN & NYT aren’t true. 

If each of us take the time and gather our facts to the point that we can make a rational, clear case for what we see going on around the country, we can awaken many millions of people who see that things aren’t right but don’t know what is really going on yet know their trusted media sources of information are lying to them. 

If every true conservative in this country  banded together we would be an unstoppable force. But if we can awaken the lifelong Democrats who just need access to information and the truth of what’s going on we will have an army the likes of which the world has never seen.”

1st Amendment Praetorian at TELEGRAM