Will Dominion be complying with their subpoena deadline today?

What will happen if they don’t comply?

Will the Maricopa County Supervisors be complying with their subpoena deadline today?

What will happen if they don’t comply?

Time is up.

Confusing the enemy while feigning weakness is a very effective strategy to combat an overly-confident opponent.

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Time is up.


Time is up.

2015 Arizona Revised Statutes

Title 41 – State Government

§ 41-1153 Disobedience of subpoena as legislative contempt

Universal Citation: AZ Rev Stat § 41-1153 (2015)

41-1153. Disobedience of subpoena as legislative contempt

A. If a witness neglects or refuses to obey a legislative subpoena, or, appearing, neglects or refuses to testify, the senate or the house may, by resolution entered in the journal, commit him for contempt.

B. A witness neglecting or refusing to attend in obedience to a subpoena may be arrested by the sergeant-at-arms and brought before the senate or house upon authority of a copy of the resolution signed by the president or speaker, and countersigned by the secretary or chief clerk.

If the subpoenas are ignored, then they will hold a vote on whether or not to hold them in contempt.

If the contempt vote passes and is signed, then the sergeant at arms can arrest the people found to be in contempt.

We know they can’t pass the contempt vote because Paul Boyer is a RINO and Michelle Ugenti Rita had her feelings hurt when she was recently booed off a stage.

From here it feels like a dead end… but… 

It’s not.

Karen Fann is expected to pass the ball to AG Brnovich who will then be able to seize equipment unilaterally.

AG Brnovich is now running for US Senate and there is no way the people of AZ will support him if he fumbles the ball.

The final results of the Maricopa audit may very well be too big to ignore, and if AG Brnovich doesn’t act on this with clear confidence then his political career is effectively over.

Time is up.