In the final analysis, the freedom and rights being stripped away from We The People belong to the We The People. Only We The People can act to protect and defend our freedom and rights. 

Too many people are still asleep. Truth is still suppressed by the enemy. I am not sure many more will wake up until the inevitable bucket of ice cold TRUTH comes to their homes and is dumped on them. 

The enemy created a virus to harm us and help steal our right to an honest election. 

The enemy censors our right of free speech. 

The enemy intimidates us into being hesitant to exercise our right to peaceful assembly. 

The enemy has deprived many of the right to due process of law. 

The enemy has infiltrated our local, state, and national governments. 

The enemy has corrupted our judicial system. 

The enemy has corrupted our schools and our churches. 

The enemy threatens our jobs and daily activities with efforts to mandate the wearing of masks and injections of experimental “vaccinations”

The enemy still traffics humans and children. 

Many of the enemy’s “leaders” have committed serious crimes, including treason and crimes against humanity, without legal accountability. 

We continue to rely on the U.S. Military and President Trump to end the tyranny overtaking our country and robbing We The People of our freedom and rights. 

The ultimate responsibility for safeguarding our freedom and rights falls on the shoulders of We The People.

We The People must decide who controls out future. 

It is time to strengthen your faith in God and be fearless. 

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸