Appearing today on Bannon’s WAR ROOM:

Valedictorian: IA

Honor Roll: ID, WY, AR, SD, ND, MS

Crime Kingpins: CA, NY, NJ, AZ, WA, OR, MA, PA, MI, WI, GA, NV, MN

Good morning to all 83,000 of you who track this channel.  I now understand why people told me for months to get on Telegram.

There are reasons to keep other platforms, and reasons to get rid of them, but it is encouraging to me to find so many locally organized networks to push back against all sorts of overreach, from fraud, to medical tyranny, to many other issues.

If you’re new – I encourage you to figure out what it is that you are best at – that thing that you do better than just about everyone else.  Here are a few examples:

1) People person – many people I’ve met in these channels have been waiting to get involved, only to find that their natural skillset is with organizing, entertaining, and persuading.  These are the folks using their connections to set up meetings with legislators.  I have one with a key FL rep this morning to discuss the audit plan statewide.

2) Technician – people with the ability to produce excellent products, whether in print, digital, or audio format.  We live in a high speed culture with limited attention span and must keep up.

3) Numbers people – folks with another set of eyes and another discipline of evaluating data.  They are everywhere.  Recently, a brilliant 15 year old with a turbo brain came forward and is helping me get more granular with the 30,000′ stuff I can flag.

We are going to change the world at this rate.  We will see wins.  Be patient, put in the work.