If Devolution is legitimate then it appears like this 2008 prophesy from Kim Clement is being fulfilled as we speak. 



What Will the Future Hold? – Praying Medic

People like myself who engage in speculative commentary are fascinated with the future. For a number of reasons, it seems unlikely that we will be going back to the way things were before covid hit. (Covid exposed the dishonest schemes of politicians and the media, and it’s one reason why I believe we will not be returning to our former way of life.)

Some see a dark future ahead—one where the nanny state grows stronger, personal freedoms are removed, and we’re enslaved in a neo-feudal nightmare. That is certainly one possibility. 

In order for this dystopian future to become reality, billions of citizens must surrender their will to a handful of people. In the United States, a large percentage of those people are heavily armed. Tyrants know they cannot subdue an armed citizenry, which is why they’ve tried to abolish the second amendment. 

The elites have encountered a large problem. Too many people have been awakened to the truth of how they obtain power and the evil things they do with it. The election audits will only add fuel to the information bonfire. Whether they fall by military occupation or revolution I can’t say, but the age of centralized government ruled by a handful of people is coming to an end. It seems as if it will come to a head first in the United States, but once government corruption has been removed here, it must be removed elsewhere. 

Corruption is not just a problem in government. It exists in many other societal institutions. After it has been identified and removed globally, there will come a time of rebuilding.

It would be illogical to rebuild society using the same plans that formed the foundation of that which was just destroyed. The architects of future societies must come up with something new. Taking what they’ve just learned, the nations of the world will design for themselves new blueprints, by which they will build new safeguards to preserve liberty and justice. I expect that the world of the future will be a better place to live, having been built on the hard lessons learned during the present era.