Brian Cates is at Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium, and he’s been filing posts at TELEGRAM during the day.


I don’t think enough people are asking that question. Everybody assumes these hackers who recorded all this “sneaked” or “broke” in to do their recording. What if this was an inside job? Somebody who was supposed to be there? Somebody assumed to be part of the election stealing cabal but actually wasn’t? Remember, Marc Elias and Perkins Coie as well as Dominion spent years carefully positioning their personnel for the 2020 election. What if SOMEBODY ELSE who knew what this cabal was up to was spending years doing their own infiltration…of the cabal? Using private ex-military contractors?

The amount of money the cabal spent positioning itself to “fortify” the 2020 election to “save” it from Trump ran into the hundreds of millions of dollars. Zuckerberg all by himself sent a stream of more than $350 million to targeted counties in the battleground states. Personnel were dispatched over a 4 year period and inserted into key election-related jobs. It is assumed nobody was aware of or watching any of this furious activity, the moving of all these finances and personnel. And assumed that no one was making any real moves to counter it or defeat it even if the cabal’s activity was noticed. If these pcaps are real, these assumptions have to be questioned.

Remember those who were telling you all along Mike Pence was playing a key role in which he willingly volunteered to be subjected to an intense campaign of vilification from his own side. He volunteered to be called a traitor. The video footage of him at the Biden Inauguration where he comes face to face with the Bidens, the Clintons, the Obamas and the Bushes is going to become the most epic delayed trolling in world history.

After this all goes down, many of the same people hogging attention and cashing in on the “Mike Pence: SUPER SEXUAL PEDO PREDATOR & CLOSETED HOMOSEXUAL!” narrative are going to swear they knew all along he was a white hat.

Mike Lindell’s big 7 pm announcement now about 5 minutes away

Laptop now at 30% lol. Should run out about about 8:30/9 pm

If Lindell drops something huge here, the viewership #’s for tomorrow should skyrocket

Professor Clements and Dr. Frank on stage now, doing prep for Lindell’s big announcement

Lindell’s entire presentation is based on the claim that he has the real vote totals for each of the 50 states.

This day thus far has been about clearly explaining what the claims are that Lindell has been making.

He is leaving himself no wriggle room. After walking the audience through what he’s claiming state-by-state, he now has to back it up and he knows it.

Was hoping I could wrangle myself a front row seat today and stream from much closer. Didn’t happen. Hopefully tomorrow I can get closer.

As you watch Lindell’s state-by-state walkthrough of what he says are the real election vote results, remember these new vote totals are based only on the vote switching he says the pcaps show.

Good point just made by my brother Duane:  “Remember, the people who “finessed” the #’s know EXACTLY what they did.  This is a MESSAGE to them too. “WE know EXACTLY what you did & we can PROVE IT.”


Lindell and team doing this first day thus far as if people watching don’t know how the election was stolen. It’s geared for people who weren’t paying attention until now.

People who already knew all this stuff months ago may find this tedious and frustrating, but we have to remember we aren’t getting all the audits without making millions of converts to the cause.

Every million Americans who watch stuff like this and go “OK, I’m no longer on the fence, this needs to be investigated” helps the cause.

Wait now I”m hearing Chris Cuomo is taking an extended vacation from his CNN show?!


Lindell and panel now doing a state-by-state explanation of the theft, how many votes were stolen from Trump

watch symposium here if other links stop working for you.

Going to keep streaming until it’s over tonight or my laptop dies, whichever comes first….

Looks like a media team was just told to take down their cameras and escorted from the premises. Not sure who it was.

There are strict rules here about filming the guests from the front or without their permission.

Somebody said that was the RSBN team but I don’t know if that’s true.

Is OAN still streaming? I think OAN was over there in that area also. The big row with cameras was full of OAN, RSBN and Newsmax, from what I saw, but I wasn’t able to tell who was who.

So maybe a crew snuck in here acting like they were with OAN or RSBN?