And they’re bringing the Afghani terrorists into our communities…

Unbelievable. We’re hearing that 30 to 70,000 Afghani men will have priority over our Americans who are waiting to get out of what’s now a hell hole. Thanks Obiden. I can hardly wait to see the day when justice is meted out to these traitors.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. It blows my mind how people can’t see THAT’s NOT BIDEN! I mean his head is completely different and you’d think the face swap would be enough for people to notice. But most can’t see it. It has to be some kind of sorcery or spell keeping people from seeing. Even my husband has a hard time really seeing it, and he’s very “awake”.

    He says when he see’s the real pics of Biden (like from the Obama years and his never ending senate scam) that those pictures look like the fake Biden. So, he sees it’s two different people but his brain won’t let him recognize the true Biden.

    This is interesting to me. Throughout our 25 years together the hubs followed politics while I purposely blocked it all out. That is what makes me think it’s some type of sorcery. Maybe he was exposed to something (idk what they do but it’s some type of mind control crap) that I was spared because he has been watching this clown show longer than me.

    When I was comparing pictures it was SO OBVIOUS. This new clown is smaller, more petite and definitely shorter. When pictured next to Obama (who is 6’2”) the true Biden is virtually shoulder to shoulder, and just as wide in the shoulders. This new clown has small petite hands that looks like they belong on a woman. He isn’t as tall and walks totally different. And that’s not even talking about the different heads! One has a bulbous forehead and the other is a shrunken head with a completely different hairline.

    So with all of that said- Why are they doing this? I mean, If they wanted their White House heist and this whole scam to be believable then why aren’t they covering their tracks? Biden pulls off the biggest scam/heist/fraud ever to happen to the US backed by the deep pocketed Cabal who have been planning this for decades AND THIS IS THE BEST THEY CAN DO?!?

    These “people” who have never ending coffers and all the sorcery of the media and big tech at their disposal and they can’t do a better job? You’d think that the non look alike body double, the obviously BS pictures being released BY THE WHITE HOUSE, and all the obvious lies they are shoving down our throats would at least be digitally edited to portray the lie they are trying to sell.

    We’ve all seen movies and know they can make anything look as if it’s real. So why all the obvious fakes? It’s so obvious it’s actually insulting that they (the usurpers of our country who planned this for decades and control all the money, media, and tech) can’t offer us a more believable lie.

    Thanks for letting me rant. This show hasn’t even started yet and it’s getting old. I think we are just now finishing the opening credits and things are about to go off the rails.

    When I was a kid as was impatiently waiting for something my dad used to say, “It won’t be long now said the monkey when his tail got cut off”. He says it’s something they used to say in boot camp. He was a marine and I’m pretty sure they didn’t use the word “tail” when they said ito all the jarhead in book camp, but the message is still the same.

    1. Biden does look different in appearance. It could be the multiple face lifts he’s had – that will change a person’s appearance, especially when compared to what they looked like in their younger years. As we age, we all shrink. Our spine compresses and we lose height. Our joints degenerate causing us to walk stiffly. Biden had hair implants (“plugs Biden” — Rush Limbaugh) which gave him the appearance of more hair than he has now and less forehead visible. A vain man, Biden and his handlers have done everything they can to make him appear virile and energetic. But it’s not working.

  2. They need Biden “alive” while the real Biden is on ice awaiting a State Funeral when the going gets tough. A major distraction followed by a False Flag Event, or vice versa. They know judgement day is coming and believe they can deflect it.

  3. Can you hear them?
    “Poor Joe died serving his country and the body isn’t even cold yet and they attack this man.”
    “Have they no respect?”
    “Tearing the country apart and the man is dead.”
    “Their accusations contributed to his death!”
    “They killed Joe!”
    “Now they are tearing the country apart with vote fraud nonsense.”

  4. I heard somewhere, (Praying Medic?) that if they article 25 Biden the military will step in because Kamala will only be acting President and would have been the one who removed Biden along with 8 cabinet members. Plus, there has to be an inaugural proceeding. If Joe goes on to his eternal reward instead, I wonder if there is the same inaugural gap is there. It would seem that at least from an optics standpoint, Biden’s in real danger. I do not feel sorry for him. He has consented to the death of many people. He is an evil man.

    1. My guess is that Biden will be removed and placed in a secure Memory Unit at some country-club type facility to live out the rest of his mortal days. He won’t be executed as the traitor he is because of his mental incapacity. But he will be stuffed away, never to be heard about again until the day he dies.

      1. I hope you are right, and that it happens very soon. Mr Be makes me that he knows we hate him, what will he do next I wonder WHO this man is that is taking his place? Ridiculous!!! But he does not want to get stumped on anything so he gives up fast and turns his back on the camera.
        Neighbor asked me this evening when we will be getting another stimulus check? I just started laughing… WHERE SHOULD I BEGIN??? LOL!!! I said nothing.- just shook my head. My head was swimming with subject matter of importance…. and then, I did what Biden did. Said “I have no idea” and I walked away! I had no idea where to start… and how I could start and stop answering questions while knowing absolutely nothing but knowing so much is possible!

  5. I have been wondering why Kamala Harris suddenly went to VIET NAM. She was so fond of JOHN MC Cain she just had to visit his MONUMENT of HONOR???? Perhaps she is overseeing the NEW MONUMENT TO BIDEN that is being set up for his soon-to-be-announced-DEMISE? He has to be removed. JILL will auromatically be removed when he “DIES”, whether temporariy or permanently.

    We have a lot to Pray about.

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