Things are happening FAST.

Overnight, these MUST READ posts appeared on TELEGRAM. (…and this is just the beginning of many more to come.)

From Praying Medic:

Tonight, Trump is doing his 3rd interview with the press in 36 hours.


Biden is on the ropes.

The media are not on his side.

Trump smells blood in the water, so he’s taking advantage of Biden’s blunders and making his case that Joe is incompetent and a fraud.

The AZ Audit report will likely be made public before the end of the month. When it is, Trump can go for the knockout.

From Patel Patriot (Author of Devolution series)

Trump’s Pledge to Exit Afghanistan Was a Ruse, His Final SecDef Says

Chris Miller now says talk of a full withdrawal was a “play” to convince a Taliban-led government to keep U.S. counterterrorism forces.

Holy shit guys. Trump never intended to leave Afghanistan – According to CHRIS MILLER – It was a “Play” that masked Trump’s true intentions.

He commissioned a wargame for Afghanistan. Don’t you think they would have commissioned some war games for a stolen election via foreign interference.