“Again mentioning war games. I’m telling you, If they wargamed Afghanistan, don’t you think they would have wargamed a foreign adversary successfully aiding a political party to steal election? I guarantee they wargamed it. The truth is coming out about Afghanistan and Trump never intended to leave. Everything that is happening now is 100% Joe Biden and his administrations fault. This is going to wake up a lot of people. The Biden administration and their media lackeys cannot spin this. They are done. 

Notice how 3 major factors of Devolution are brought up here. Chris Miller, Ezra Cohen Watnick (brought up indirectly from the Fort Bragg speech) and the special operations forces. 

The reveal has to be coming soon. The AZ audit report cannot come soon enough.”

Governor C9 stotte (R) – SC, a member of made a great point. “This is the most direct evidence that Trump was INDEED releasing misinformation throughout his administration to reach his goals.”

This proves military deception from Trump. Saying one thing, doing another. They did this regarding the election too. 

Check out this article from Jan 15th, 2021.

Pentagon says US has dropped to 2,500 troops in Afghanistan

WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. military has met its goal of reducing the number of troops in Afghanistan to about 2,500 by Friday, a drawdown that may have violated a last-minute congressional prohibition.

Saying they would reduce troop reductions to 0, even thought they didn’t fully intend to.

Military Deception

Taliban is who Trump had made a deal with. The Afghan gov’t is who Biden, the media, and the CCP want in charge because the Afghan gov’t is corrupt.

Biden as VP saw the “U.S. Troop totals in Afghanistan reach 100,000 in a failed bid to compel the Taliban to come to that negotiating table.”

Biden and Obama failed and couldn’t even get them to the negotiating table (Not that Jobama ever wanted the war to end anyway). 

Trump made a deal to reduce troops to 800. He got them to the table and made a great deal.