Loaded: U.S. States and the China Competition: Secretary Pompeo’s Remarks to the NGA

Remember when Mike Pompeo told the National Governors Association that the names of all 50 Governors were on a list that indicated their susceptibility to Chinese influence operations?

What if certain governors knowingly aided the CCP’s influence operations in America?

What if governors backed unknown candidates as their Secretaries of State who would sabotage elections and who could then be disposed of if their crimes were ever discovered?

By Radiopatriot

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    1. You and me both. I think we’re seeing who’s on it — those governors who refuse to allow an audit, and those who refuse to life the insane mandates on masks and jabs. Obvious to me they’re taking their orders from those who own them – the CCP.

  1. The Wizard of OZ! Who’s behind the curtain pulling the strings? Off to see the Wizard! C’mon Toto pull down that curtain! Truth prevails!

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