I am writing to express my concern about the aforementioned issues: Your Vote on the BUDGET – INFRASTRUCTURE – “WE THE PEOPLE ACT”

Please know that if you vote YES on any or one of these bills, I will work diligently to see that you are primaried and removed from office.

Understand that these are critical issues that directly impact the future viability of our country as a Constitutional Republic and generation of Americans to come. I am not asking you to vote no, I am INSTRUCTING you — as my representative in the US Senate — to vote NO on all three issues. To do anything otherwise will determine my decision to either support you in your future election, or not.  Sincerely, Andrea Shea King, Republican, FL.

Have you called your federal representatives yet on votes that will be taken today on Capitol Hill?

House Democrats are interrupting their summer recess and returning to Washington on Monday to advance President Biden’s ambitious domestic agenda as his administration struggles to contain a foreign policy crisis in Afghanistan and the raging COVID-19 pandemic.

At this politically perilous moment, Biden and his Democratic allies on Capitol Hill can’t afford to have two key components of the president’s “Build Back Better” agenda — a game-changing $3.5 trillion social benefits package and $1.2 trillion infrastructure measure — stall out and lose momentum.

But that’s precisely what’s at risk of happening this week as tempers flare and progressives and Democratic centrists publicly battle over the tactics for moving the pair of spending packages forward.