‘Speculation and rumors abound that Biden has had a breakdown, because of his hiding from the public, and even from friendly foreign leaders such as Boris Johnson, who was unable to reach the president for 36 hours.  One published source claims that Kamala Harris is contacting Cabinet members, seeking support for a 25th Amendment majority (twelve Cabinet members plus herself) that would send to Congress a declaration that the sitting POTUS is unable to fulfill the duties of office.  

If that happened, the V.P. would assume the duties of office of president, and within 21 days, a two-thirds supermajority vote from Congress would be necessary to make the removal from office permanent.

If faced with the prospect of such humiliation, would Biden resign?  That’s hard to predict, given that Jill Biden reportedly loves the title and perks of first lady and hates Kamala Harris.  But if he and Jill contest the temporary removal and put the nation at risk of our enemies taking advantage of the leadership vacuum (that already exists, to be honest), that places every Democrat in Congress on a very hot seat, especially considering Connecticut voters’ verdict last Tuesday.

The odds-makers still find Biden’s removal from office highly unlikely.  I am not sure Biden will be removed, but depending on how big a long shot the bookies are offering, for those inclined to wager, there may be an opportunity at hand.’

http://www.ruthfullyyours.com/2021/08/21/can-the-biden-presidency-last-much-longer-by-thomas-lifson/Can the Biden presidency last much longer?Thomas Lifson, AmericanThinker.com –

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