“…Dave from X22 Report brought up a point tonight I had never considered.

Many people want to know why Trump pushes vaccines. 

Why does he want them to be rushed?

Why not allow the normal time for clinical trials?

What’s the hurry?

It doesn’t make sense. 

Remember when Trump argued with Congress for 2 years to get a wall built on the  southern border?

All the while, he had secretly planned to build and fund the wall using the military. 

By creating a public debate with Congress, he proved to the public the fact that they support drug trafficking, human trafficking and weapons trafficking.

What if Trump has an ulterior motive for rushing covid vaccines to market?

What risk do pharmaceutical companies bear if they market drugs that have not been adequately tested for safety?

How much money in damages do you think they might be liable for over the next 10 years?

What risk toes the FDA assume?

What about the CDC?

Is Trump allowing members of the medical technocracy to dig their own graves?

It has been my belief that one reason Trump backed the fast development and release of a covid vaccine was to end the lockdowns, which saved us from financial collapse. If it is also true that he did it to goad big pharma into assuming massive legal risk, leading to their financial ruin, it may be the most brilliant tactical move of his political career.