All those “Help Wanted” signs?

They’ll disappear overnight when the first applicants get all the jobs. Then what of those who waited to jump back into the labor market???

Over 7 Million Americans Set to Lose Unemployment Benefits

  • More than 7 million Americans are set to fall off a “benefits cliff” as a September deadline looms for an end to federal pandemic unemployment aid programs, with dim prospects for an extension in light of surging demand for labor.
  • Nearly 9 million Americans were receiving benefits under two of the programs as of July 24, according to a Labor Department report (pdf)—4.82 million through PUA and 3.85 million via PEUC.
  • The Century Foundation, a left-leaning think tank, estimates that when all the programs expire, 7.5 million people will be cut off, potentially  


By Radiopatriot

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  1. They gambled and lost. They cannot say that there was not fair warning of the end of the gravy train. Too bad if they have to take menial jobs with very low pay.

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