Dear friend of Wreaths Across America,

The last couple weeks have been difficult as we watch the events in Afghanistan unfolding on the news. It is nothing less than heart wrenching, not only for those who are struggling to get out safely, but for those who have served and lost comrades during the War on Terror, and the Gold Star and Blue Star Families, whose loved ones have sacrificed.

Wreaths Across America staff has fielded many calls and had subsequent discussions on how we might be able to help. We are fortunate to have Joe Reagan as our Director of Military and Veteran Outreach. Joe is an Army veteran who served in Afghanistan and who also has experience working with organizations that provide veteran’s services including for those with PTSD. As he works through his own feelings about what is happening, he has actively been sharing resources for those who may be struggling, as well as helping us and others try to comprehend the emotional strain on our veterans through his own experience and open, honest dialog.

Below, you will find a link to read the words Joe so eloquently shared about what he and other veterans are going through. And importantly, a message of hope.

The coming days and weeks will be filled with pundits and conflicting opinions. Undoubtedly, there are many things that can be argued. However, our hope at Wreaths Across America is to find that point where we can agree and build on it. For me, that common ground is the appreciation for the unwavering courage and commitment of those who serve in our military.  

In a few days we will mark the 20th Anniversary of 9-11, a day that changed us forever. But as that day ended and the dawn of 9-12 broke, we raised our flag, gathered our families, came together and focused on protecting and proclaiming the strength and goodness of America.

This is a defining moment in history. Let’s join together in raising and saluting our flag in honor of those who have served and sacrificed. In remembering them, honoring their families and their commitment to stand for freedom, we find the opportunity to teach.  

On their behalf we stay America Strong, America Proud and strive to be America United.

Remember. Honor. Teach.

With gratitude,

Karen Worcester