“The soft underbelly of this administration is exposed.”

Seth Keshel:

“The anger toward Afghanistan is a 75/25 kind of national anger. This not your garden variety 55/45 anger. 

The economic indicators are garbage. 

Cancel culture is hated. 

The medical police state is a major losing issue. 

More people believe the election was rigged than in November. 

Imagine then, the wall of anger that will come *if* it is revealed that a state was awarded to the wrong candidate in the electoral college…

And then another…

Putting pressure on the tipping point states. 

Never before in the history of contested elections (1796) have we confirmed such. 

That will be nation altering. This is why you don’t give up. If you feel like crap, keep it to yourself.

The soft underbelly of this administration is exposed.”

By Radiopatriot

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