From Praying Medic:

“Some of my friends say none of  this matters. In their view, Trump allowed the vaccines to be developed, people got hurt and he bears the responsibility for it. 

Consider this:

We know from Archbishop Vigano’s letter that the cabal had orchestrated the pandemic and the vaccines years ago. There would be multiple waves of the virus, that would require multiple vaccines, given over a span of many years. 

Being a non-medical expert, there was nothing Trump could do to stop this. I believe what he did instead was sabotage their plan. 

He convinced drug companies to release the first round of vaccines sooner than they wanted, which he then used as justification to end lockdowns. This halted the destruction of private businesses and the economy.

In the process of rushing their vaccines to market, drug companies would have had to take shortcuts. In doing so, they likely engaged in “willful misconduct.” If so, the evidence of their misconduct will be used in class action lawsuits that might destroy companies like Pfizer and Moderna, since engaging in willful misconduct removes their immunity from liability.

Archbishop Vigano’s letter

In May of 2017, a study was published revealing that one third of the drugs approved by the FDA are later found to have safety issues. Drugs that are fast tracked have the most numerous and the most serious problems. 

Do you think President Trump was unaware of safety concerns at the FDA prior to launching Operation Warp Speed?

Two days ago, Trump said the FDA is controlled by Pfizer.

Do you think he knew this before he allowed Pfizer to fast-track its covid vaccine?

If he knew the FDA was controlled by Pfizer, and if he was aware of safety problems, why would he urge them to develop and approve a covid vaccine in record time?

Here’s a hint: Immunity from damages is granted to vaccine manufacturers unless they engage in willful misconduct. 

How do you publicly expose the big pharma scam?