Joe Biden [JB] was put into power because the Deep State [DS] had nobody else to go up against Trump. They were never planning on keeping him the entire time.

Now they time has come and they don’t need him. Think optics.

We the people have a front row seat to the show.

We are watching the destruction of the old guard and people will soon figure out what is happening.

Trump caught them all, he has it all and soon something good will happen to our country. The Patriots strategically planned out the take down of the old guard. 

The Supreme Court has struck down the Biden CDC’s eviction moratorium. 

“If a federally imposed eviction moratorium is to continue, Congress must specifically authorize it.”

DHL Warns Global Supply Chain Disruptions To Persist Next Year  

  • The complex web of seaports, container ships, and trucking companies that move goods worldwide remains deeply tangled.
  • More than 18 months since the virus pandemic forced governments to shut down their economies and, in return, disrupt global supply chains. The emergence of the Delta variant has metastasized into more logistical hell for shippers.
  •  companies on the front line of production and transportation to gather intel of what was happening on the ground. What they discovered was increasing supply chain disruption that will persist through 2022.
  • We do not expect freight rates to stabilize in the near term,” according to Karsten Michaelis, head of ocean freight at DHL Global Forwarding Asia Pacific.“The combination of a year of disruption, lack of containers, port congestions and a shortage of vessels in the right positions is creating a situation where cargo demand far exceeds available capacity.”
  • The latest word from the frontlines is that supply chains disruptions are not waning anytime soon and will pressure consumer prices higher. So much for the Federal Reserve’s “transitory” narrative.


Defining Moment: Joe Biden Puts His Head Down When Reminded Trump is No Longer President (VIDEO) 

  • Biden called on a pre-approved list of reporters after he mumbled through his remarks.
  • Fox News reporter Peter Doocy confronted Biden on the death of 12 US Servicemen in Kabul – and Biden shifted the blame to Trump. Peter Doocy pushed back and reminded Biden that Trump is no longer president.
  • Biden put his elbows on the lectern and dropped his head down in disgrace.
  • This photo of Biden with his head down is a defining moment.
  • “This is what weakness looks like,” Don Jr. said.