On the Governor Whitmer Kidnapping case – 

New text messages reveal the FBI wanted to instigate a more dangerous plot.

FBI Agent directive to informant: “Mission is to kill the governor specifically”

Our latest includes the text messages:

As we previously discussed, the FBI – by way of its informants – has been credibly accused of conceiving the idea to attack/kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. 

New text messages (that were recently filed with the court along with a supplement to defendants’ motion to compel – all available here) show conversations between an FBI Agent and his confidential information proving that the FBI Agent sought to instigate a plot to kill Governor Whitmer.

Here it is. FBI Special Agent Jayson Chambers directs FBI informant “Big Dan” to develop a plot: 

“Mission is to kill the governor specifically”

As court filings by the defendants argue, “The objective of this plot is clearly being derived and advanced by Special Agent Chambers. By issuing this edict, ‘Big Dan’ has been charged to develop that plot specifically.”

This is just another problem with the government’s case against these defendants. As we previously reported, FBI Special Agent Richard Trask – who helped lead the investigation – was arrested for assaulting his wife on July 18, 2021. Here is the full Affidavit of Probable Cause, which states “Trask is being charged with aggravated domestic violence, assault by strangulation.” 

We’ll continue to follow this case closely and provide more updates as the text messages and evidence continues to be released.