Jack Posobiec on War Room: 

The Biden-Ghani call was leaked by an O6 in the intelligence community.

An avalanche of leaks to follow. This call was just a taster.

Lin Wood writes:

“Too many people still do not realize or accept the fact that our nation is at war against foreign and domestic enemies. 

Too many people still have their heads in the sand and knowingly avoid the truth of the tyranny taking place in our country or they do not have the courage to face that TRUTH.

I refer to those people as “freedom freeloaders.” They want others to make the sacrifice and fight the battles for their freedom. 

Some people support what is happening to our country. I call them traitors. 

How do those of us who are Patriots win the war and maintain freedom? 

Stay with me.

In order to win a war, you must first know your enemy. 

Who are we fighting?



The Deep State.

Corporate America. 

Career politicians.


We are even at war with many of our friends and family members who refuse to face the tyranny taking place in our county or appear willing to accept it. They have basically surrendered without a fight. 

All of our enemies have one thing in common. They place their interests above the interests of others, i.e., We The People. 

After we define the enemy, how do we defeat the enemy?

With a battle plan.

Stay with me.

The “plan” is WE THE PEOPLE. We are the plan. We must decide what is our will for this country? Is it freedom or is it tyranny?

God’s will is done on Earth through His Children. He is our leader. In God we trust. 

Fight the enemy with TRUTH. Trump won the November 2020 election by a landslide. We must each fight one day at a time for forensic audits in each state to establish the TRUTH. That must be done by We The People, not by President Trump. 

We The People must stop doing business with the enemy and providing the enemy with the money to use against us. Do business with your fellow Patriots. Live local. 

We The People must stop listening to the enemy to disabuse ourselves from the propaganda that has been pounded into our minds for decades. 

We The People must have courage. We must be willing to suffer the consequences and sacrifices that are necessary in order to resist the enemy’s efforts to make us obey his orders and mandates. 

There is more. Stay with me.

We The People must boldly and aggressively assert our rights bestowed upon us by God. They are set forth in the Bill of Rights. 

We The People must be vocal and assert our right to free speech. We must never allow the enemy to suppress our speech. And we must have the courage to speak truth especially to those who might be offended by it.

We The People must assert our right of freedom of peaceful assembly to unite in our expressions of free speech. We must never allow the enemy to threaten or intimidate us into taking no action. 

We The People must always defend our Second Amendment rights so that we can defend our families, our homes, and our communities. We must remember that our lethal weapons are for our protection and are not part of civil disobedience. We must adhere to the rule of law if we are doing to protect and maintain the rule of law. 

There is more. Stay with me.

We The People must stand up for each other. If we see a wrong to another, we must have the courage to call out the wrongdoers and demand that they be held accountable. United we stand. Divided we fall. Let the wrongdoers feel the heat generated by a united We The People. We have the power. 

And then there is the issue of our faith. More to say on that subject. Stay with me.

One last observation, I keep hearing people say when will Trump act? When will the military act?

I trust President Trump to keep his oath. I trust the military to keep its oath. 

I suggest tonight that we must ask ourselves when will We The People act?

We must do our part to win back our country. Without We The People being united in our will to be a free people in a free country, President Trump and the military act in vain. 

We are not a government by the President, of the President, and for the President. 

We are not a government of the military, by the military, and for the military. 

We are a government of the People, by the People, and for the People. 

It is time to remember what it means to be a democratic republic.

Well, taking a quick look through replies on my Reply Channel, I guess I was Mr. Shaker this evening!

I am imperfect so perhaps I was not clear on my discussion of “the plan.”

I believe God has a plan. I believe God created His plan before He created the world. So there is a plan!

God executes His plan through His children. Of course, He steps in Himself whenever He chooses to do so. Remember the Red Sea?

So I believe there are men and women in America who are doing God’s will for our country. I believe President Trump is doing God’s will for our country. He is not acting alone. I believe the military has a role. I believe We The People have a role. 

So there is a plan. We just have to wait on the Lord. His plan and His timing are always perfect. 

Time to rest after ALL that shaking today!!! I trust God and my faith tells me that on His time, all will be well. We are on the victory side. 

Talk tomorrow  

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸