Sooner or later, as Q said, “these people will not be safely able to walk the streets”

  • Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been pelted by rocks while on a campaign stop  ahead of Canada’s general election. The incident took place in London, Ontario – with the Canadian leader later confirming he believes he was hit on the shoulder. The inbound objects were widely described as “small rocks”.
  • Video shows him being pushed onto a bus by his aides to escape a large and unruly group of protesters angry at his vaccine mandate policies, which include required Covid vaccines for all workers in federally regulated industries, as well as for any citizen to travel by rail, public bus, or commercial flight.

Trump has trapped [JB] and the [CB] by using tariffs, now Biden is in a tough spot when dealing with China and Europe, no matter what he does he does not win. The [CB] are panicking over alternative currencies, the people will decide in the end. 

The Patriots are now pushing forward, Big Pharma FDA, CDC and Fauci are now being exposed. The people are no longer believe what they are saying, the people are turning on them. Documents have been produced showing Fauci lied to Congress and the American people, tick tock time is up. 

The tide is turning. Flags out, Patriots. The country will begin to come together: think crimes against humanity, treason, the forensic audits. Buckle up, it’s going to get rough as the Patriots produce the evidence and show the people the truth.