Jack Posobiec

“I told you this morning Biden was going to drop a massive hammer on unvaxxed Americans in order to change the conversation from his Afghanistan debacle

This White House is making decrees based on opinion polls, not science.”

The guy who said no Americans would be left behind is now making medical decisions for you and your children

Kamala had little to nothing to do with the COVID speech today. Ron Klain and Fauci all had hands in. Jill wanted to ‘go full Australia,’ per WH official

Biden has harsher words for people who don’t wear masks on planes than he did for the Taliban for taking Afghanistan under his nose

Hearing federal employees + contractors will be given until week of Thanksgiving to comply with vaccine mandate

 Biden to mandate vaccinations for businesses with over 100 employees, under OSHA rules

USSS, FBI and DHS task forces were set up ahead of Biden remarks to monitor “violent revolt speech” online, per US official.

A vaxx in every arm and a mask on every child

You will comply 

Or you will be made to comply 

Are you paying attention yet?

Joe Biden is cozying up to the Taliban while saber-rattling at the American people 

America is headed into a dark winter

Just as he promised

Joe Biden’s first act was a military occupation of the US Capitol that lasted for weeks so don’t act surprised this is going on.

Wait til you see what happens next.

— Jack Posobiec