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Folks, I am a semi-retired Airline Pilot courtesy of the ‘Plandemic’!

I had papers that allowed me, and my crew, to by-pass ALL security protocols, I.E. contact tracing, etc.  When all this drama started.

FOR THE MOST DANGEROUS virus to hit the planet!  I flew at least 3 laps around this continent PER MONTH during this plandemic!  NO TESTS, NO ‘TRACING’, NO NOTHING, outside of cold pancakes in a carboard container.  In a aluminum tube strapped to my ass, that can be described as the ultimate “SUPER SPREADER” mechanism known to man.

I have 4 kids whom I love, this PISSED ME OFF!  I had papers to bypass ALL SECURITY CONCERNS!  I did some research.  Learned ALOT!  Knew about ‘Gain of Function’ almost 6 months before it became news.

Fast forward to today, the mandates, etc.  Look at Australia, New Zeland, France, Germany, England, etc.  This is coming to the US, soon!  I am just one guy!  Here is what I propose…

Let us ground every single Part 121 flight in the US (airline for the lay person) during Thanksgiving week.  Starting on Tuesday 11/23/2021 thru 11/30/2021.  Here are the benefits, crews can plan ahead, and stay out of the hotels, and be home with the family.  Your passengers can plan ahead, and spend more time with THEIR family (maybe too long).  Use the ‘sick bank’!  Screw RLA and screw the unions!  Gentle reminder, the unions like Washington weenie!

NOW, I expect a bunch of push back at this proposal from the ‘Mask Muffins’ – ‘Vax Vixens’ that also fly the line. No problem.  Back in the day, we called them SCABS!  Towing the ‘company line’!  That is A choice!

FOR the lay person/public.  You can help, believe it or not, schedule you flights accordingly.  THEN, go to   (A prominent airline forum, sign up, and leave as many comments as you wish!  Expect push back, as it is a forum with a boatload of beta-boys in mommys basement proclaiming ‘expertise’)  THERE are also real people whom follow this forum.  Go from there…  Give them hell!

I have been asked, “If not you, then who?”  Well, here I am, have fun, whoop some ass!

Copy-n Paste if you wish….