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Patel Patriot Sep 27

Good morning everybody and happy Monday!

Things are only getting more interesting. As the Biden administration is actively running this country into the ground, President Trump has been ramping up his messaging and he isn’t holding anything back. If you saw Trump’s rally in GA on Saturday, you saw a man who is confident and his tone and rhetoric pointed to something larger in the works. 

All of us play a role in what is to come next. As more people “wake up” and are searching for answers it’s important that we are able to explain to them the reality of the situation. As I have said before, researching and writing the Devolution series has brought me peace of mind in knowing that Trump didn’t just walk away and leave us to the hands of America’s enemies. 

This peace of mind is a gift that I believe everybody can experience and now it has never been easier to share the Devolution series. One of the members of the Patel Patriot Telegram Chat Group created a “one stop shop” for all things Devolution. Huge thank you to Thom for your work. 

Check out the website here:

You’ll find it easier to navigate and locate all the articles in both printed and audio format. There is also all of my Devolution Power Hour videos, interviews, relevant links and my upcoming schedule. When people aren’t sure where to start, I would send them here and tell them to look around.

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God bless you all!

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